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Best Templates For Real Estate Agents

By Jamie Richardson | October 27, 2021

Presentation plays a huge role, regardless of the topic or industry. The slides may contain educating, motivating, informative, or persuading data. Those four are the main functions, one of which will surely help a business or any else reason. It works in a similar way for real estate as well.

The listed below google slides templates for real estate presentation are probably the best selection one may discover on the market. Nevertheless all of them concerning a particular topic, they still happen to differ in visual aspect and suit multiple purposes. In such a way, you can apply them when:

  • creating a catalogue;
  • explaining running market situation;
  • making reviews;
  • providing advantages and disadvantages of the neighborhood;
  • familiarizing clients with your customer service philosophy;
  • explaining home-buying/selling processes;
  • and so many more.

And now, follows a collection of 15 beautiful and laconic templates, that will undoubtedly gain appreciation of realtors, architects, designers and real-estate commercial agents, managers, or appraisers. Take a look at it!

Note! All templates consist of multiple slides, are resizable and editable, allow color change, include free font(s), device mockup or/and icon set.

1. Etheren – Cryptocurrency Google Slides

The first to go is Etheren Cryptocurrency Google Slides. This template is high-tech and elegant. It perfectly suits for business, agencies, or creating a portfolio. It consists of 40 slides in modern style the plainness and precision of which makes a certain impact on an audience: improves relationships with the clients and leads to a prosperous deal.

2. Neucart – Marketing Google Slides

Neucart – Marketing Googleslide is a template of 40 amazing slides. It works perfectly fine for talking of a company’s benefits or sharing a product/ service catalogue. Its simplicity aids in expressing high professionalism and trustworthiness, which is necessary for any business success, including real estate one. 

3. Runne – Healthy Life Google Slides

Runne – Healthy Life Google Slides bundle is devoted to right choices made to keep your body and mind running properly. It originally comes in a green palette, which may be substituted with any other you prefer. Simple geometrical graphics on white background allow clear communication and an appealing look.

4. Refresh Google Slide Template

Refresh Google Slide Template is indeed refreshing. It is colorful and includes unique graphics, yet at the same time is a pure manifestation of minimal and modern design. Real estate proposals will look exclusively good on this one.

5. Caroline Google Slide Template

The next position in our list is called Caroline Google Slide Template. Feminine name Caroline means ‘strong free woman’: who is independent, established, yet soft and elegant. Likewise is the general effect produced by the template. Its smooth shapes in muted tones create a tranquilizing impression without denying common sense of reality, which might not be redundant in real estate matters.

6. Farren – Pitch Deck Googleslide

Farren – Pitch Deck Googleslide set would serve as a great additional force when showcasing land and building data. It is another template performed in a simple contemporary style. Farren slides occur to be an uncluttered space emphasized with distinct pronounced lines and forms without whatever fancy decorations.

7. Yeager Googleslide Template

Yeager Googleslide Template was originally designed in order to demonstrate fashion projects, events, and everything related with it. But who says the building or a land shaft cannot be fashionable and glamorous? Therefore, if you need to present one of those or just to add a zest to your performance, you can bravely utilize its slides. 

8. Real Estate Google Slides Template

As you might have already guessed, Real Estate Google Slides Template was founded exactly for what its name says. This is probably the most classic option for landholding presentation of all possible. Clear, flat, and no nonsense – those are the most pertinent characteristics to describe it.

9. Modern Real Estate Google Slides

With Modern Real Estate Google Slides Template business and architect purposes are surely to be reached. Place an introductory information on marvelous, most laconic slides and convey main points with the aim of straightforward smart charts. Most of the slide’s background here is white and includes only minimalistic design elements. The template is presented in 5 premade colors.

10. Houburn.CO Google Slide Template

Houburn.CO Google Slide Template is an ultra-modern versatile option. It is suitable for product or service explanation as well as for more creative pieces like catalogue or look book. This can only mean one thing – it happens to be a great choice for a real estate agency.

11. Branding Google Slide Template

Branding Googleslide Template has a very neat look. Again, colors here are not bright and eye-catching but muted. This feature allows all of the visual accents to be made on the crucial data. Accordingly, you get a clear communication while keeping the presentation appealing.

12. Yeager Bundle Presentation Pack

Another highly colored yet made in minimalist style option is Yeager Bundle Presentation Pack. This one might not be considered super-universal and even on the contrary slightly daring. Anyway, it can be a nice fit for neighborhood showcasing or else.

13. Ackerman Bundle Presentation Pack

Ackerman Bundle Presentation Pack is an extremely beautiful flexible template. The architect's artificial constructions displayed with its help will be notable for being framed in uncluttered appearance of parts. Although it does not include white slides, one still gets a chance to clearly distinguish information.

14. Universal – Education Google Slides

As was already mentioned, presentations may carry out educational functions. Universal – Education Google Slides set is intended specifically for that. However, its flexibility and versatility make it possible to utilize it for other reasons, real estate for example.

15. POPART Google Slides Template

The last but not the least position in the article is POPART Google Slides Template. As naturally intended by Pop Art culture, the template is somewhere ‘between high and low’. Being thus balanced its slides have non-complex, yet vivid visuals.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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