Better Homes for Serviced Connected Disabled Veterans

Purple Heart Homes and The Home Depot Foundation announced a partnership that will provide better housing solutions to Serviced Connected Disabled Veterans, who served for the US Army. The Home Depot Foundation offered a grant to help make modifications to eight homes, including installing ramps to supplement stairs, making doorways wider and bathrooms more accessible.

Purple Heart Homes.

“Veterans are men and women, young and old, able bodied and physically challenged. We are happy to team up with Purple Heart Homes to continue in our mission to ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home,” said Kelly Caffarelli, President of The Home Depot Foundation.

Purple Heart Homes was co-founded by Dale Beatty and John Gallina, two combat Veterans severely wounded in Bayji, Iraq on November 15, 2004. Since founding in 2008, the non-profit company, has struggled to find funding for its projects to help Veterans and their caregivers remain in their own homes by making needed adaptations and modifications.

“Now thanks to a grant we received from The Home Depot Foundation we are able to help make life easier for those who served before us,” said Dale Beatty.

The grant will only help modify 8 homes, a drop in the ocean, if we consider that there are 3.5 million Service Connected Disabled Veterans in the US. But it is a good start. Purple Heart Homes has already commenced using the funds to enhance the homes of some of these veterans, making improvements to disabled veterans’ homes in Franklin, NC; and Norwich, CT.

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