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Biggest Users of Smart Home Technology Are Older

According to an article in Techdigest.TV a recent poll has revealed that more than a third of adults in the UK aged over 55 have smart technology devices within their home compared to less than a fifth of those aged between 18 and 34.

The study was commissioned by a blinds specialist to evaluate the rate of smart home technology adoption in the UK and to see how effective the technology was in people’s homes. The poll found that 40% of those surveyed thinks smart home technology has improved their standard of living while just 8% regarded as being a fad. While most people would agree smart home technology is here to stay, this poll is interesting because it reveals how older people have adapted to using this technology. One thing that became apparent with this survey was that smart home technology has helped people use energy more efficiently.

Key findings of the study were that connectivity is vital, with just over 20% of those surveyed having at least two rooms that were integrated with smart home technology. Some 40% of those surveyed had bought smart devices to help them save money on energy bills. This reason was particularly popular among the older generation with a third of those aged 55 or older owning a smart thermostat. In contrast, younger people aged between 18 and 24 didn’t think smart home technology had improved their standard of living.

The poll also looked at whether smart technology is making us lazier as nearly a quarter of those polled had acquired smart devices to help automate their home, making it easier to complete household tasks. Men are more likely than women to integrate smart technology for home security with just over two thirds of men investing in smart security systems. Overall, women were found to be more likely than men to purchase smart home tech.

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