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How To Boost Your Real Estate Business with a Blog

By Susan Melony | December 23, 2016

A lot of what happens in the real estate industry takes place online.

Where once real estate agents drove clients all around town looking at prospective properties, now many clients come to their realtor with a list of properties they’ve already virtually toured and vetted online, and simply want to view in person as they make a final decision.

The growth of the online real estate world doesn’t make real estate professionals obsolete, however. It just requires that they think differently about their business and one way to bridge the world of online real estate and real world client needs is by blogging.

Along with having an online presence and being where your potential clients are, when you’re a real estate professional and you make a successful blog, you’re positioning yourself as an authority in the industry, and you’re also increasing the likelihood your site will pop up when people are looking for agents.

The following are some tips that can help real estate professionals not only create a successful blog but maintain it in a way that’s valuable for their business.

Choose a Niche

Selecting a niche and sticking with it is important for all bloggers, and that includes real estate professionals.

The more localized and specific you can get with your blog, the better. For example, if you primarily work in a certain neighborhood in your town or city, focus your blog and your keywords around that neighborhood.

If you can focus your blog around positioning yourself as a local expert, it’s going to set you apart from your competitors and make you seem like you have knowledge to offer that others don’t.

Create Blogs Around Questions People Have

As with any blogger, it’s important that you think about keywords when you’re creating a real estate blog. You can use keywords as a way to answer questions people have, whether they’re things they contact you to ask, or they’re searching Google for answers.

Just doing some keyword research and exploring questions people have about real estate in your area can give you a huge source of potential blog topic ideas.

Convey a Lifestyle

When people are browsing online real estate sites and viewing listings, they may be able to see the technical details of a property and even extensive pictures, but there’s something they can’t get, and that’s a true, realistic feel for the neighborhood.

Try to convey the lifestyle of the areas you sell in so that potential buyers go beyond the listing when they read your blog.

If you’re blogging about the lifestyle in a particular neighborhood or community, it gives you opportunities to write about things other than just homes that are for sale, such as local restaurants or shops, for example. It provides you with a broader base of blog topics and will help you attract a wider variety of readers to your site.

Real estate blogging is something that can be incredibly beneficial for industry professionals, and it’s something a lot of people have come to expect, so take the time to start cultivating a strong online presence through your own blog.

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