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Tips For Burying a St. Joseph Statue to Sell a House

By Bill Gassett | September 13, 2023

A widespread practice among those looking to sell their home successfully is burying a St. Joseph statue. Catholics consider St. Joseph a patron saint of the Catholic Church and invoke him for divine protection and favor in various aspects of life, including property sales.

The tradition of burying miniature statues of St. Joseph upside down near 'For Sale' signs in the yard became popular in the 1980s.

Many sellers hope that St. Joseph will assist them in selling their homes. Maximum Real Estate Exposure has as comprehensive a guide as possible.

Additional instructions, suggestions, and tips to enhance the selling process are provided for those interested in adopting this practice.

What is a St. Joseph Statue?

How to bury St. Joseph statue

The Catholic tradition mainly associates a St. Joseph Statue with selling a home. It is a small statue of Saint Joseph, who holds a significant role in Catholicism.

Let's explore the history and significance of the figure, its association with real estate, and how it is believed to work when burying it for success in selling a home.

History and Significance

The roots of the St. Joseph Statue tradition can be traced back to the early Christian era. According to Christian belief, Saint Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ and the husband of the Virgin Mary. He is known for his qualities as a loving parent, faithful spouse, and carpenter.

Over time, Saint Joseph's reputation extended beyond his roles within the Holy Family, and he became highly regarded as a patron saint for various aspects of life, including homes and property.

The tradition of invoking Saint Joseph's help in real estate matters, including property sales, has gained prominence in recent decades.

Patron Saint of Real Estate

Among the many titles attributed to Saint Joseph, he is known as the patron saint of real estate. In the Catholic faith, he is believed to have a unique ability to intercede with God on behalf of those seeking assistance in selling or purchasing property.

Many people turn to him for his intercession and blessings during the home-selling process.

How Does Burying a St. Joseph Statue Work?

People see burying a St. Joseph statue as a symbolic gesture and an act of faith. They believe that by planting the statue in a specific location, often near the For Sale sign or the home's foundation, they invite St. Joseph's intercession and assistance in finding a buyer for the property.

Although the exact mechanism is not entirely defined, believers attribute the success to St. Joseph's divine influence over potential buyers and the overall selling process. The statue serves as a visual reminder of one's faith and trust in St. Joseph's intercession.

  • Burying the statue upside-down: This is a common practice as it is believed to attract more attention and amplify the effectiveness of the ritual.
  • Offering prayers: Along with burying the statue, praying to seek St. Joseph's help and guidance is essential to the ritual.
  • Faith and belief: Above all, burying the statue is rooted in faith and trust in the power of St. Joseph's intercession. It is a personal expression of devotion and hope for a successful sale.

Ultimately, burying a St. Joseph statue is a spiritual practice providing comfort, hope, and a sense of involvement during home-selling.

Choosing the Right St. Joseph Statue

Selecting the right statue when burying a St. Joseph statue to sell a home successfully is essential. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Where to Find St. Joseph Statues

To begin, knowing where you can find St. Joseph statues is essential. You can explore various options such as:

  • Christian stores: Visit local Christian stores that offer a wide range of religious items, including St. Joseph statues.
  • Online retailers: Check out websites like Amazon to find a vast selection of St. Joseph statues that can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Types of St. Joseph Statues Available

St. Joseph statues come in different styles and materials. Some standard options include:

  • Traditional statues: These are typically made of durable materials like resin or plaster and depict St. Joseph holding a child Jesus.
  • Garden statues: If you prefer an outdoor display, consider a weather-resistant garden statue that can withstand the elements.
  • Miniature statues: Smaller versions of St. Joseph statues are also available, perfect for discreet burial near the 'For Sale' sign or in a potted plant.

Considerations for Selecting a Statue

When choosing a St. Joseph statue, it's essential to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Determine the appropriate size for your needs, depending on where you plan to bury the statue.
  • Quality: Look for well-crafted statues to ensure their longevity and visual appeal.
  • Spiritual significance: Some people may prefer specific representations or poses of St. Joseph. Choose a statue that resonates with you spiritually.

Considering these factors, you can find the perfect St. Joseph statue for your home-selling ritual.

Finding the Ideal Spot to Bury the St. Joseph Statue

When burying a St. Joseph statue, choosing the right spot is crucial for maximizing its potential. Here are three common locations to consider:

Near the 'For Sale Sign: Pros and Cons

One option is to bury the St. Joseph statue near the 'For Sale' sign in your yard. This placement can attract potential buyers who are actively looking for properties. Pros of this location include:

  • Visible to passersby and potential buyers
  • Direct association with the sale of the property
  • Potential for increased interest and inquiries

However, there are also cons to consider:

  • Exposure to weather elements, which may affect the statue
  • Limited space for proper burial

Near the Home's Foundation: Pros and Cons

Another option is to bury the St. Joseph statue near your home's foundation. This location is believed to symbolize a solid grounding for the selling process. Pros of this location include:

  • The symbolic connection between the house and the statue
  • Potential for attracting serious buyers
  • Protection and blessing for the entire property

However, there are also cons to consider:

  • Difficulties in finding the right spot near the foundation
  • Limited visibility to potential buyers
  • Less direct association with the sale

In a Potted Plant by the Main Entrance: Pros and Cons

If you don't have a yard or prefer a more discreet option, placing the St. Joseph statue in a potted plant near the main entrance is a popular choice. Pros of this location include:

  • Convenient for those without a yard or limited outdoor space
  • Easy to maintain and monitor the statue
  • A subtle yet powerful symbol for attracting positive energy

However, there are also cons to consider:

  • Potentially lower visibility to potential buyers
  • Less direct association with the sale of the home
  • It may require additional measures to draw attention to the plant

Remember, following the specific instructions and prayers provided with the St. Joseph statue to enhance your selling process is crucial, whichever location you choose.

Many for-sale by owners will turn to this unusual method for selling a home.

Performing the Ritual of Burying the St. Joseph Statue

Performing the ritual of burying a St. Joseph statue is a significant step in successfully selling your home. Following these step-by-step instructions, reciting prayers and invocations for success, and maintaining the burial site, you can attract divine favor and assistance in the selling journey.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Choose the ideal location for burying the St. Joseph statue. This can be near the 'For Sale' sign, close to the home's foundation, or even in a potted plant by the main entrance.

2. Dig a hole approximately 12 inches deep in the chosen spot. Ensure that the gap is wide enough to accommodate the statue comfortably.

3. Place the St. Joseph statue upside down in the hole. This positioning is believed to reinforce its effectiveness in helping with the sale.

4. Recite specific prayers and invocations for a successful sale as you bury the statue. Use heartfelt words to request the intercession of St. Joseph, asking for divine assistance in finding the right buyer for your home.

5. Once the statue is buried, cover it with soil and ensure it is securely placed in the ground. Take care not to damage the figure during this process.

Prayers and Invocations for Success

  • Recite the Prayer to St. Joseph daily, asking for his guidance and assistance in selling your home.
  • Invoke St. Joseph's intercession by reciting the Litany of St. Joseph, acknowledging his role as the patron saint of real estate.
  • Add your intentions and heartfelt prayers, expressing your specific desires and needs regarding the sale of your home.

Tips for Maintaining the Burial Site

  • Visit the burial site regularly and offer prayers to St. Joseph, expressing gratitude for his intercession and requesting continued assistance.
  • Keep the area around the burial site clean and well-maintained. Add flowers or plants to honor St. Joseph and create a visually appealing space.
  • Protect the burial site from disturbances or damage. Ensure it remains a sacred space dedicated to St. Joseph's intercession throughout the selling process.

Enhancing the Selling Process with Additional Measures

To maximize the chances of selling your home successfully, there are additional measures you can take alongside burying a St. Joseph statue.

These steps can enhance the overall selling process and attract potential buyers:

Caring for the Home's Curb Appeal

The first impression is crucial when selling a home. To improve the curb appeal:

  • Maintain a well-manicured lawn and garden
  • Trim overgrown plants and hedges
  • Remove any clutter or debris from the yard
  • Ensure the exterior of the house is clean and well-maintained

Utilizing the Power of a Red Door

Believed to bring good luck and positive energy, painting the front door red can attract potential buyers.

Consider the following:

  • Choose a vibrant shade of red that complements the house's exterior
  • Ensure the door is in good condition and adequately painted
  • Add a new doormat or decorative elements to enhance the overall appeal

Incorporating Prayers and Rituals Throughout the Selling Journey

In addition to burying the St. Joseph statue, incorporating prayers and rituals can create a positive atmosphere during home showings and open houses:

  • Before showings, recite a special blessing to St. Joseph for a successful sale
  • Light a candle or burn incense as a symbolic gesture of divine intervention
  • Consider playing soft instrumental music in the background to create a calm and inviting ambiance

By caring for the home's curb appeal, utilizing the power of a red door, and incorporating prayers and rituals, you can further enhance the selling process and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

These additional measures can create a positive and welcoming environment for potential buyers, making your home more appealing in their eyes.

Common Questions and Answers

Are you curious about the St. Joseph Statue ritual and its impact on home selling? Here are some common questions and their answers:

Can Anyone Perform the St. Joseph Statue Ritual?

Yes, anyone can perform the St. Joseph Statue ritual. It is not limited to specific religious affiliations or beliefs. Whether Catholic or not, you can participate in this practice to enhance your chances of selling a home successfully.

How Long Does It Take for the Statue to Work?

The exact timeframe for the St. Joseph Statue to work can vary. Some sellers report quick results within days or weeks, while others may experience a longer waiting period. The key is to have faith and continue to pray and maintain the burial site until your home is sold.

However, the question remains whether using St. Joseph is a home-selling myth. Not everyone believes it works.

What If I Don't Have a Garden or Outdoor Space?

If you don't have a garden or outdoor space to bury the St. Joseph Statue, don't worry. You can still participate in the ritual by placing the statue in a potted plant near the main entrance of your home.

The important thing is to create a dedicated space for the figure and continue to pray for a successful sale.

What Other Steps Can I Take to Increase the Chances of Selling?

In addition to the St. Joseph Statue ritual, there are other steps you can take to increase your chances of selling your home. These include improving your home's curb appeal, staging it effectively, setting the right price, and working with a qualified real estate agent who can market your property strategically.

Making the right home improvements can also be a significant help. It would be best always to choose those with a high return on investment.

Seeking Professional Assistance

When it comes to selling your home and utilizing the St. Joseph statue ritual, there may come a time when you need to consider seeking professional assistance.

Real estate agents and experts in the field can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the selling process.

When to Consider Hiring a Real Estate Agent

If you struggle to attract potential buyers or navigate the complexities of the real estate market, it may be wise to consider hiring a real estate agent. Realtors have extensive knowledge and experience in selling properties and can offer valuable insights and strategies to maximize your chances of success.

Real estate agents can assist with various aspects of the selling process, including pricing your home correctly, staging it effectively, and marketing it to a wide range of potential buyers. They can also handle negotiations and paperwork and ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Excellent agents will employ the best methods for selling a home.

Consulting Experts to Help With Your Sale

Experts in photography, marketing, and online listings can also provide valuable assistance. They can capture high-quality images of your home, create attractive listings, and leverage various marketing channels to reach a vast pool of potential buyers.

Remember, seeking professional assistance can be a worthwhile investment, as it can save you time, reduce stress, and increase your chances of a successful sale. Researching and choosing professionals who align with your needs and goals is essential.

  • Consider hiring a real estate agent if you're struggling to attract buyers or navigate the market.
  • Consulting experts and home staging professionals can optimize your home's appeal.
  • Experts in photography, marketing, and online listings can help maximize exposure.

Your home sale is less likely to fall through when you have a pro in your corner.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to give St. Joseph a shot, it is still wise to follow time-tested advice for getting a house sold.

Bill Gassett is an authority in the real estate industry with 38 years of experience. Bill is well respected for his informative articles for buyers, sellers, and fellow real estate agents to make sound decisions. His work has been featured on RIS Media, the National Association of Realtors, Inman News, Newsbreak, Credit Sesame, Realty Biz News, and his own authoritative resource, Maximum Real Estate Exposure. He has been on of the top RE/MAX agents in New England over the last two decades.
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