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Mortgage Rates May Slow New Sales

By Reno Charlton | January 17, 2011
Even slight increases in the 30 year mortgage interest rate may affect how home buyers perceive the market. Worse still, with budget belts so tight, even a few points can mean the difference between affordability and impossibility. Have we seen the last of super low interest rates? Some experts believe banks simply have to increase rates to survive.
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Ohio Real Estate - Indicator of Reason

By Phil Butler | January 16, 2011
Experts say 2011 will see an additional 1.2 million homes thrown into foreclosure. While optimism is a good thing, it is not reality for today's foreclosure situation. There are 5 million homeowners in America who are at least two months behind on their mortgages - these are outside the current foreclosure lists. What would you bet on a borrow who is two months behind?
US Real Estate

NAHB Upbeat About 2011 Housing Starts

By Phil Butler | January 16, 2011
Economists who appears at the Orlando NAHB International Business' show last week suggest the housing market will see gradual improvement this year. Citing recent momentum as the reason for optimism, the group expects the industry to seek higher ground in 2011.
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Boyle Investments On the Move in Memphis

By Phil Butler | January 15, 2011
Boyle Investments makes its move on the potential windfall available in the Tennessee real estate market. One of the Mid-South's biggest players commits at least $30 million to create a fund for investments in Memphis, Nashville, and across the Mid-South. Reports say the Boyle comittment could reach $80 million, with no telling how many investors to follow in Boyle's planned engagement.
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AOL Real Estate Gets A New Engine

By Ryan Cox | January 14, 2011
Move Inc. is now the horsepower for AOL Real Estate search, but is this a win for the home buyer or owner in need of real estate results? In a move akin to the Yahoo-Zillow one of last year, AOL and Move Inc. consolidate forces, but to what end?
US Real Estate

Big Banks Face Their Toughest Foes - Almost Everyone

By Phil Butler | January 13, 2011
Legislators are now being confronted not only by borrowers who say banks are to blame for their foreclosure situation, but investor groups who stand to regain billions. In Washington regulators stand poised to put the screws to the banking industry.
US Real Estate

Home Prices Down 30 Percent Nationwide

By Reno Charlton | January 12, 2011
S.&P./Case-Shiller index suggests massive opportunities for those investors capable of taking advantage of the "buyer's market" in place this year. With home prices poised to hit bottom, some experts suggest now is the time to invest. Still, the industry will encourage caution. For some though, all time low price is a powerful incentive.
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