When Can Top Massachusetts Movers Help

Moving is a big decision and finding the best mover in Massachusetts is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the process. Organization is the keyword of dealing with this vast process and the perfect transportation company will help you with exactly that – they will make sure that you are not missing anything […]

How to Choose a Homeowner’s Associate Management Company for Your Community

Is your HOA Board considering hiring an HOA management company? If so, you might have some questions, like “How do we know which company to pick?” or “What should we look for in a management company?” Luckily, the process doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. It’s best to start by knowing […]

Benefits of Using a House Buying Company When Selling Your Home

People sell their homes for a variety of reasons. Some of them may be thinking of buying a second home, while others may be moving somewhere far away for good. The home selling process is usually not a walk in the park, and some people can’t afford to wait that long for a sale to […]

Three Common Types Of Boilers

Many take having a boiler system in their homes for granted not paying proper attention to its maintenance and upkeep. It’s just one of those things in the house that you don’t even give a second thought to…until it breaks down. Then everyone is on Google researching about Boiler Repairs and how to keep themselves […]

What To Know Before You Try Renovating A Property In Indiana

Renovating a property can be fun and profitable. It’s the chance to flex your creativity and turn a distressed property into your own masterpiece. A process that can give you the dream look you want in your home, or become an income producing rental property or house flip. Here’s what you need to know to […]

Blues and greens help to boost productivity in the office, experts say

Worker productivity could be boosted by the color scheme of the office they work in, according to a growing body of color psychology experts. As such, employers should be more mindful of the influence that wall colors have on employees, Lasse Karvinen, head of product at Framery, a Finnish company that designs “work pods” for […]

Ask Brian: Planning Your New Year DIY Projects

Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing, DIY, home buying/selling, or other housing inquiries please email your questions to askbrian@realtybiznews.com. Question from Jerry in Utah: Hey Brian, I’m a pretty enthusiastic DIY guy. I always have one or two projects going at […]

3 new flooring trends to emerge in 2020

More than 30% of homeowners say the floors are what they dislike most about their properties, according to a survey conducted by online loan marketplace LightStream. New flooring may even increase a home’s value, Dan DiClerico, an expert with HomeAdvisor, told realtor.com. “Putting down new flooring is a smart investment,” DiClerico says. “But more importantly, […]

Eying a Real Estate Investment? 6 Signs You Should Be Looking at Another One Instead

Signing on the dotted line can be the first step toward generating life-changing gains from a real estate investment. It can just as well turn out in hindsight, though, to have been a grave, avoidable mistake. Experienced investors learn to spot real estate deals that are not exactly what they seem so they can turn […]

4 Home design trends to expect in 2020

Interior home design trends are set to be upended in 2020 with bigger, bolder statements winning out in favor of all-white and neutral interiors. That’s according to an article in Forbes.com this week that interviewed several top interior designers on what trends they expect to emerge in the new year. 1. Color transforms as the […]