Property Tax Appeal Tips to Reduce Your Property Tax Bill

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying your municipality’s millage rate by it’s most recent assessed value. That means, unfortunately, that high property taxes are directly proportionate to two metrics: the value of your home and the tax rates of the city where it’s located. You may be able to lobby your city for lower taxes, […]

How Can Holding A Virtual Event Benefit Your Real Estate Company?

Social distancing has led to a huge boom in virtual or streamed events, with the number of businesses planning this type of event doubling – as reported by Wild Apricot. Around 91% of those surveyed claimed that ‘keeping members connected’ was the primary goal of events, though of course, if you are in real estate, then […]

The Importance of Having a Proper Real Estate Education

If you have decided to pursue a career in the real estate sector, you probably know that you will be dealing with several investors. Before people can entrust you with their money, they need to ascertain that you are smart and will make wise decisions with their investments. If you do not want to pursue […]

5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Around Colleges

The existence of a college has various advantages to the surrounding community. One of these advantages is that individuals can invest in real estate and other businesses around colleges. Investing in real estate here can be in various forms depending on the entrepreneur.  The most common and recognized one is renting out property. Renting out […]

7 Steps to Buying a Home in 2020

Buying your dream home can be an exciting and emotional process. For one, it makes you anxious thinking about the possible consequences of getting a new house, especially if you are not financially stable. However, doing thorough research about the homebuying process before starting your home search will help you feel more at ease. It […]

8 Useful Tips for Students Studying for Real Estate Licensing Exams

Real estate has grown to become one of the most lucrative courses career-wise. As more students become interested in taking the course, there is a need to guide them toward getting the most out of the course. So, we have provided some essential tips for students anticipating their exams to improve their performance.  Real estate […]

Real Estate Careers and Required Education

The real estate market is one of the most lucrative in the world. Entering the market at the right time and growing your reputation gives you access to impressive deals with good returns. Unlike the popular notion that real estate is a specific career, the niche has multiple nested sub-niches, each being perfect for different […]

Foundation Repair and Property Value

If you are hoping to increase the value of your property, there are obviously many steps you can take to make that happen. But apart from ensuring the place is well looked after, that the curbside appeal is high and that the yard is looking great, what else can you do? As it happens, some […]

Moving To Texas? Key Tips To Make The Move Easy

Texas, popularly known as the Lone Star State, has seen an unprecedented increase in relocations in a decade. According to the United States Census Board, Texas has an increased number of housing units totaling 172,000 since 2010. Within a year, 73.652 persons have moved to five Texan cities, moving it to one of the state […]

Effective Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or preparing a home for sale—or if you simply want to save money—then you should be looking for effective ways to reduce your energy costs. This guide will introduce you to some of the best energy-saving amenities for residential homes. These amenities can decrease the money you spend […]