How Realtors Can Assist Clients During a Divorce

Divorce is never an easy experience. But anywhere from 40% to 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States — and that means ample opportunities for property sales when the marriage dissolves. When realtors are dealing with selling or buying property of divorcing clients, the challenges are palpable and the stakes are higher. Divorces inevitably […]

Real Estate Job Market Trends

The past year has been an interesting time in the real estate market. While the global COVID-19 pandemic meant drastic changes in the way a lot of people lived and worked, certain industries were hit significantly harder than others. In fact, some industries thrived in the new environment of people working and living at home […]

5 ways to prepare your home for a new arrival

Preparing for the big day when you become a parent has never been easier. The arrival of your new baby can be daunting, and there are a number of things you’ll likely want to do to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here are some wonderful tips for a smooth transition into parenthood. Learn as much […]

This is why you should text clients first, before calling

Some business people, including real estate agents, have the habit of immediately calling their clients when they have something important to discuss. But many clients would rather be sent a text first, instead of having to drop whatever they’re doing to answer the phone.’s Sam Blum says that, apart from a few exceptions, it’s […]

The importance of the TV in home staging

While the TV is often considered to be the centerpiece of any living room, home stagers say that placement of this important appliance is a key consideration, and some say they’re not even sure it belongs there at all. The problem is that if a TV setup feels wrong, it could easily put off buyers […]

3 Easy Ways You Can Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Home

We are facing one of the worst economic crises that has forced people out of businesses and into hospitals. The job market seems scarce and so does income. Even if you have miraculously managed to hold on to your job, you’re probably suffering from emotional distress and monotony stemming from coping with work from home […]

Tips for communicating with clients while wearing a mask

Real estate agents might have noticed since the pandemic began how face masks make it more difficult to show their personality. Wearing a mask can conceal your expressions, hide your smile, muffle speech and lead to misunderstandings between you and whoever you’re talking too. But at the same time, they’re essential in many cases to […]

5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Around Colleges

The existence of a college has various advantages to the surrounding community. One of these advantages is that individuals can invest in real estate and other businesses around colleges. Investing in real estate here can be in various forms depending on the entrepreneur.  The most common and recognized one is renting out property. Renting out […]

Real Estate Careers and Required Education

The real estate market is one of the most lucrative in the world. Entering the market at the right time and growing your reputation gives you access to impressive deals with good returns. Unlike the popular notion that real estate is a specific career, the niche has multiple nested sub-niches, each being perfect for different […]

How to Buy a House Within an Uncertain Housing Market?

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has wrought havoc upon the global economy and the financial markets of almost all the countries worldwide. The economic devastation is entirely unprecedented, leaving business owners, investors, and even prospective home-buyers at a loss of what to do. If you were planning to buy or sell a home before the onset […]