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What To Actually Look For When Buying A House

By RealtyBiz News | February 8, 2019
Buying a new home can be incredibly stressful. There’s so much to think about, it can be easy to forget to check everything you want in a new home. According to studies, 26% of people view their home once before buying it, while 43% viewed the property twice, 21% three times and 11% four or […]

Real Estate Investment Strategies Every New Investor Needs To Know

By Jamie Richardson | October 23, 2018
It’s no secret that the real estate business is a sustainable source of big money especially if you are offering good cash for houses.
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What People Value In Property Management Companies

By Guest Author | April 26, 2018
The right property management company in real estate can be the key to your success. There are a few things that you should look at while researching a property management company; finding which properties a
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Here's how to 'childproof' your home and make it safe for children

By Mike Wheatley | March 22, 2017
Our children are the lights of our lives, but raising them can often be a very worrying experience.
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Why moving to Denver is a great idea

By Matt Lee | March 21, 2017
There are many reasons why we choose to move from one city to another. For some, it is all about forgetting—gone with the old, in with the new. For others, it is all about the search—for a better career, for a better community, for a better shot at life. Whatever the reason is, moving from […]
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Clean Energy Likely to Become More Popular in the Future

By Allison Halliday | June 9, 2015
A new survey has found US homeowners view green energy as being a popular resource for the future, regardless of age or political views. The survey was carried out by a solar installer and a marketing research firm and polled 1,400 homeowners about renewable energy and related topics. Half of those who took part in […]

Identity Theft Reemerges as Big Internet Threat [infographic]

By Al Twitty | March 11, 2014
The old worries about identity theft may have given way to spy agencies snooping personal data these days, but the reality using digital technologies is risk.
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