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Crown Paints Participates in Recycling Scheme

Most people have half empty pots of paint languishing in their sheds and garages, but Crown Paints is a supporting partner of Climate Week and is opening the doors of its network of 119 decorating centres throughout England and Wales and Scotland. This will enable people to return their surplus paint for recycling. It's all part of their ‘Kick out the Can’ scheme.

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The two-week recycling program began yesterday as part of Climates Week. All paint returned to Crown will be processed and then donated for community projects, while the left over metal and plastic paint containers will also be reprocessed and recycled. Crown Paint is partnering with the regeneration charity Groundwork who will be distributing the recycle paint to worthy causes throughout the country. Donations are being managed by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire who have worked with Crown Paints on a number of sustainability projects.

Mark Lloyd, Crown Paints Sustainability Manager said:

"We are delighted to be launching our recycling campaign as part of our partnership with Climate Week. It is a major initiative for us and something that will make a real positive difference to the environment, and many people across the country this year. Most households have old paint containers and tins dotted around the home and people are not always sure what to do with them. In fact, statistics show that there are approximately 54 million litres of paint unused in homes across the UK, enough to fill approximately 30 Olympic sized swimming pools-so there is plenty to go at. Our scheme gives householders a useful opportunity to give their spring clean a boost, and to ensure their old paint, as well as the containers and tins are transformed - ultimately helping communities through the donation of recycled paper products."

The spokesperson for regeneration charity groundwork, Amanda Atherton said

"One of our biggest roles at Groundwork is to help people and businesses reduce their environmental impact and to make a difference in their local communities. The ‘Kick out the Can’ campaign does both these things and it's nice to see such an innovative and truly sustainable approach to doing business."

Paint returned to the Crown Decorating Centres will be donated to a number of community projects including youth centres, community halls and green spaces, while some will also be used in helping to create art or training people who aren't in employment or education. It's hoped the scheme will help the number of community projects that are currently struggling for funding, and of course it gives people the chance to clear out unwanted paint.

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