Infographic: Deconstructing a Safe Room

Home security. Not the hottest topic of conversation around the coffee table, but never the less one every homeowner should prioritize. From reducing the risk of fire to protecting the home from extreme weather, protecting your investment is one thing – or more importantly keeping the family safe, are actually grave considerations.

The infographic below from AllState’s Community pages reflects perhaps the most complete safe harbor for your family in times of emergency. The safe room is not always something the average head of family considers, but maybe it should be? Check out this cool infographic and the logic therein.

Created by Allstate Extreme Conditions

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This neat deconstruct shows off some features of a typical safe room that we bet you never thought of. Let us know your opinion on this, and perhaps we can come up with experts to answer your questions. At this point, we are not quite sure exactly what incentive insurers offer when safe rooms are present, but this seems like one of the best economical incentives. We will ask several to find out more.

Bunker image courtesy © Windowseat –

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