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Effective Marketing Tips To Help Realtors Stand Out Against The Competition

5.34 million homes were sold in 2019, US News reports. Realtors need to work hard to stand out in this thriving yet ever-competitive industry. By implementing proven online marketing strategies like strong web design, offering freebies, and creating a mobile app, you can effectively attract more clients and win their business. 

Clear web design

Good web design is an essential way realtors can win clients. Likewise, it’s important contractors also make a positive first impression on customers looking to improve their homes by using contractor web design with inspiration. In fact, 46.1% of people say a website’s design determines how credible a business appears, research from Stanford University reveals. And 38% of people will leave a site that’s ugly or hard to use. In particular, it’s important to include photos and videos on your site, but make sure not to overload it. That means no annoying pop-ups that appear before visitors have a chance to look around. Your site should sell itself. And, when visitors want to learn more, call-to-action messages should be strategically placed to advise next steps. 

Offer freebies

Increasing “perceived value” is an effective way realtors can build trust with potential clients. By offering quality freebies, people will see you’re giving away useful information free of charge without being required to give anything in return. Including freebies on your website is relatively simple and can generate loyal clients for life. For example, create an ebook with advice on buying or selling homes. The potential client will need to give their email address to receive the ebook, which means you can then send follow-up marketing materials.

In fact, creating multiple ebooks allows you to understand the client’s specific position depending on which one they download (for example, you can create different guides for first time homebuyers, applying for a mortgage, or fixing and flipping homes). You can then send a more unique and tailored follow-up that sets yourself apart from the generic autoresponders used by other realtors.

Create an app

People are increasingly accessing the internet on their smartphones and apps account for 80% of mobile time. In fact, 58% of millennials and 46% of Gen X homebuyers have found homes via apps — and these younger generations are increasingly your target demographic. Apps are popular for their page loading speed (which is faster than mobile web browsers) and useful features like push-notifications. Creating an app for your real estate agency is a great way to get ahead of the competition, engage more visitors, and convert them into leads. An app could include features like a listings directory with images and/or videos, the ability for clients to book appointments, GPS directions to properties, and offers and event promotions advertised via push notifications. 

Standing out in the real estate industry today is undoubtedly challenging. Implementing these effective marketing techniques will help you find success in a saturated market.

Al Twitty

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