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Get Your House in Order with HomeZada

By Mike Wheatley | April 12, 2012


There’s no shortage of mobile apps for buyers looking for that dream property, and as for realtors, they have dozens of smartphone tools at their fingertips. But what about homeowners, is there any potential in the apps market for them?

Well, it would certainly seem so, with the new HomeZada tool, a new, cloud-based online service that allows Android, iPhone and iPad users to keep track of various different projects in and around the home, such as home renovations, inventories and maintenance.

But why do we need an app for these things?

According to HomeZada, the new app aims to help homeowners protect their home’s value, get organized and in control, and create effective plans to ensure all of these projects run smoothly.

HomeZada is a useful tool that lets homeowners stay on top of their maintenance projects © gcpics -

Quite simply, maintaining the home can be an overwhelming task, and a time consuming one at that. Further, it’s essential that homeowners carry out these tasks – maintenance and upkeep are vital to preserve the resale value of any home. Last of all, how are these projects going to run smoothly if nobody knows what they’re supposed to be doing? With HomeZada, it’s possible to create schedules to divide up this essential work, ensuring that everyone in the household does their bit to look after the home.

HomeZada makes the task of running a home a cinch, helping homeowners to keep track of cleaning schedules, maintenance work and various other projects around the home that are vital to its upkeep. After all, who hasn’t forgotten to clear out those gutters or take the garbage out once in a while? With HomeZada, timely alerts will ensure that all of these things get done.

Organize a budget with HomeZada

Aside from this, HomeZada helps homeowners to keep track of more complex things, such as how much they are spending on the upkeep of their home, provides home improvement project ideas and even suggests where to go shopping for all those DIY essentials.

Then there’s the home inventory tool, which allows homeowners to take photos of and catalogue all of their possessions, providing the necessary evidence for insurers if anything goes missing or gets damaged.

HomeZada comes in two versions; a free “Essentials” version, that includes documents management, the home improvement and home inventory tools, regular news and alerts, as well as mobile access; and a “Premium” version which includes all of the above, plus tracking functionality, shopping and budget info, and the ability to integrate the app with web-based calendars and send out timely email reminders of tasks that need to be done.

Keep track of home inventories

HomeZada looks like a really valuable tool, especially for disorganized or forgetful homeowners. Give it a try - download HomeZada and get your house in order today 🙂

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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