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Harvard Offers Sustainable Real Estate Program

In news from Cambridge, a new Harvard program promises to extend that schools offerings into the real estate realm even farther. The Spring the school will offer a Global Real Estate Sustainability program. The program will afford global real estate executives the opportunity to develop environmentally responsible and sustainable real estate strategies for the immediate and extended future.

Escalating energy costs, dwindling natural resources, and as we now see from Japan dramatic environmental and man made cataclysm, make the professional real estate landscape far more of a challenge than ever before.

The future of real estate, the green agent

Real estate professionals, under ever more significant pressure to provide answers, will need all the “cutting edge” and even out of the box knowledge they can get. The future of real estate as a business, looks very little like the industry of the past, for those in the know. The Co-Chairperson of this program, economist Ray Torto of CBRE helped solidify this idea with the following:

“Whether you believe it or not, you need to know why. What are the economics of sustainable projects relative to the ‘old way’?”

Casa Calma Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Courtesy of Caitlin Cunningham.

This program, specifically designed for senior real estate execs and ther partners and managers, is as innovative a real estate program as any we have seen, at least on paper. Conducted by Harvard GSD and Henley staff, it offers up an impressive list of scholars and industry gurus from around the world who will take part going forward. t will be taught by renowned faculty members from Harvard GSD and Henley, as well as an impressive roster of scholars, practitioners, and industry leaders from around the world.


For more information about this intesting and potentially game changing program, please visit the official Harvard School of Design website, or consult this official PDF containing more information. And for those who would like to sign up for the program online, here is the form. The cost of the program is: for Henley £4995 + VAT and for Harvard $6500. Alternatively, those interested may contact the program manager by phone at: 617-384-7214.


From the Motion Matters exhibition at Harvard GSD

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