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The Hottest Apps to Power Your Smart Home Technology

For decades, consumers have envisioned the possibilities of smart homes (remember The Jetsons?).  Once deemed futuristic and highly improbable, smart home technology has now emerged as present-day reality. And it's not just for the rich and famous, either.

The rise of the mobile app opened many new possibilities for smart home technology. From the way you manage your home's energy and security to the way you maintain your lawn, there's a device to change the way you do life. And these must-have smart home tech apps can make it happen:

The Top 6 Apps for Smart Home Technology


Smart home automation should make your life simpler, but managing dozens of different devices con quickly kill the convenience factor. Stringify is a platform that introduces the individual components to each other and shows them how to work together.

You can connect all your popular apps and smart devices, like Nest, Hue, social media, and Google, and create "flows" to set your home on all-day cruise control. Turn off lights, change the room temperature, open blinds, and set reminders without ever lifting a finger.


How many smart home devices do you have? Two? Twenty? Two hundred? SmartThings helps you connect them all to one little convenient hub. You tell the app what to do; the app communicates those actions with the hub; the hub tells the devices what to do. Boom.

The SmartThings family includes sensors that you can stick pretty much anywhere - the couch, the back door, the window, etc. You can program these sensors to take specific actions with your smart devices, like sending a video alert if your kitchen door is opened while you're at work or texting you if your home has a water leak.


The powerful smart home platform, Loxone, not only bundles all your smart home technology into one place, it also keeps your information neat and tidy. Go into Room Mode to view and change settings for every room in the house. Or go to Autopilot Designer and configure event sequences to enhance your every day dealings. The app is easy to navigate, easy to use, and makes it easy to get the most out of your smart home technology.


A relatively new player to the smart home app scene, Muzzley helps you integrate all your smart technology into one management platform. But their standout feature is their algorithm that predicts your behavior patterns and makes suggestions to fit your lifestyle.


If/Then statements aren't just for coders anymore. Now, you can create your own logical flows (IFTTT calls them "recipes") to automate your smart home with just a few taps in the IFTTT app. Try this one on for size:

"If I'm tagged in a Facebook post, Then my Hue lights should flash blue."

IFTTT isn't just for smart home automation. You can set recipes for other apps you use daily to help make life easier at every angle.


Smart home technology companies have made the simplest tasks even easier (turning off a light switch was never difficult, was it?). But manufacturers haven't exactly made these possibilities easy to achieve. Between lengthy set up, using a different app to manage each device, and creating accounts, you're better off just flipping that light switch by hand.

Unless you're using Thington. These folks know what it takes to make a smart home a simple home. This app helps you connect devices in seconds, gives you one central location to manage them, and offers suggestions for improvements.

Who knew technology could be so, well, smart?

Ben Shepardson

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