How chatbots can save you time & money assessing new leads

Any good real estate pro knows only too well how difficult it is to find solid, qualified leads. Most agents will admit that chasing leads often feels like talking to a two-year old, with people asking the same questions over and over again, before quickly saying “no”. That’s a waste of your time and resources, but can technology help?

One idea that’s gaining traction in the real estate world is the use of chatbots to field customer’s questions for you, especially now that artificial intelligence technologies have made them a whole lot smarter. Chatbots now have the potential to help real estate professionals identify better prospects, take care of their scheduling, and more.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are a form of AI that’s able to “talk” to people on the web. It can be thought of as a pre-programmed robot that stands in for you, and is able to respond intuitively to questions or conversation via a messaging application. They are capable of learning from responses and responding to complex statements like “I need a short term fixed rate loan.” chatbots can provide information to the user from a website or database while gathering profile information.

For real estate agents and brokers, chatbots can help with capturing leads. Consider the number of inquiries you receive that end up going nowehere. With a chatbot installed on your website, it would be able to handle those time-consuming inquiries for you. Moreover, the chatbot will gather information on that lead, such as their location, characteristics of the kind of home they’re looking for, price range and so on. It’s a great, time saving way to vet new leads.

Some chatbots can even stay in touch with promising contacts, taking care of the follow up and sending suitable content, or taking messages when you’re unavailable. AIs can also assist with scheduling, booking appointments with clients and adding the meeting to your calendar.

Today’s consumers are more comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence to solve their problems. Using a chatbot to handle repetitive inquiries on everything from real estate listing data to product troubleshooting opens up time better spent on developing your business. Consider chatbots the real estate secret weapon that never sleeps.

Mike Wheatley

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