How consumers perceive different colors

Did you know how powerful your choice of colors can be in marketing? If not, you should do. A recent study from TruConversion, which offers a platform aimed at boosting conversion rates, found that consumers can be swayed by the use of certain colors in businesses’ marketing materials. Indeed, color is so powerful that 90 percent of people’s perception of a brand is based on the colors they use.


The best colors

According to TruConversion, 85 percent of consumers say color is the main reason why they buy a product. It also found that certain colors give an immediate impression of the things your brand stands for. So, if you’re attempting to sway male consumers, it’s better to use blue, black and green colors. However, female consumers are more attracted by blue, green and pink colors, the study found.

The study went more in-depth though, and found those who’re trying to attract traditional buyers would be better off using sky blue, pink and rose colors. However, those who want to reach out to budget-constrained customers would be better off using teal and navy blue colors.

Colors & their perceptions

Here’s how each color is generally perceived when it’s used for marketing purposes:

  • Red: Enthusiasm, passion, vigor.
  • Purple: Royalty, exclusivity, spirituality.
  • Blue: Trust, power, tranquility.
  • Green: Growth, balance, hopefulness.
  • Yellow: Joy, friendliness, optimism.
  • Orange: Fun, refreshing, positivity.

The most important advice TruConversion gives is that when choosing a color for your marketing brochures or whatever, less is always more. It found that 95 percent of the top 100 brands in the world only use a maximum of two colors in their logo design, with red and blue being the most popular.

You should also be mindful of colors that give away a negative impression of your brand. In many cases, black, brown, light blue, light pink and grey are perceived negatively, so you should do your best to avoid them.

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