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How to Buy a Historic Home in Savannah

By Jamie Richardson | November 22, 2019

Savannah GA is one of the most historic, most beautiful cities in the whole country. Founded back in 1733, Savannah boasts a wealth of historic detail that draws people in droves. In the Historic District, in particular, Savannah is full of historical buildings, churches, mansions, and museums.

Historic Home

If you love historic Savannah, you may have considered buying your own piece of the city's history and owning your own historic home. Historic homes in Savannah are highly sought-after. They comprise some of the most valuable real estate in the area. If you are thinking of buying a historic home, you’ll need more information to get ahead of the game and help secure your dream property. Here’s what you need to know.

Know What Constitutes a Historic Home

There are "old" homes, and there are historic homes. There is often confusion over what constitutes a historic home. Some people think that it means a mid-century home. Others believe that it has to be built before the war. Is a Savannah GA Victorian Home a historic home? One way of quickly checking for a historic home is to look at the National Register of Historic Places or check the Historic District Board.

Understand the Meaning of Historic Preservation Easement

Many properties will have an easement. This legal agreement is voluntary, but it exists to protect the property from development that may affect its historic status. It is a commitment to sell the property to buyers that will also agree to the terms of the easement. An easement will also state what kinds of renovations and alterations can be made to the property.

What’s a Historic HOA?

A homeowner’s association in a historic area helps residents to maintain the look and feel of the neighborhood, which is important when you are interested in living in a home because of its period detail and aspect. It may seem restrictive, but the HOA does help to maintain historic standards and will be able to provide valuable advice on renovations and alterations.

What to Look For in a Historic Home With a wealth of properties on offer, look for homes that are structurally sound. For instance, look for a home with a well-maintained roof. Serious roof problems tend to be indicative of further issues with the house, as are problems with the flooring. Make sure the property has plenty of natural light since adding or enlarging windows is not normally an option in historic homes.

Check out the interior of the property, its features and fittings, and see if they fit with the style of décor that you love. It is a good idea to find a home where you can easily work with the existing design in order to create a home you love to live in. And look for a property in a neighborhood that you love. Location is highly important. Get a feel for the neighborhood during the

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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