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How to Cool a Room Without an AC

By Jamie Richardson | July 13, 2017

Air conditioners can be a blessing during hot temperatures, but it they can also be incredibly expensive. However, there are ways you can affordably cool down your home without having to budget for the inclusion of an AC in your monthly bills. Read our tips on how to create a more comfortable temperature without an air conditioner.

Open Windows and Doors
Ventilate your home by opening as many windows and doors as possible, so plenty of natural air will flow throughout your home. However, ensure they each have screens to prevent bugs from entering your home. It may also be wise to invest in an indoor-outdoor thermometer to identify when a temperature has dropped, so you know when to ventilate a room.

Invest in a Ceiling Fan
One of the most efficient and affordable ways to cool down your home is with a ceiling fan. Instead of cooling your entire home using an AC unit, a ceiling fan can cool down one room within the home, allowing you to breathe a little easier and feel more comfortable. Discover ceiling fans with lights and how they can reduce energy costs while creating a more comfortable climate for the whole family.

Prevent Direct Sunlight
Direct sunlight through the windows will warm up your home, which can make your house feel hotter than an oven. We recommend closing any shades, drapes or blinds to prevent the sun from making your home too uncomfortable during the summer months. It may also be wise to invest in a patio overhead, folding arm awnings Melbourne, overhangs or latticework, too.

Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances
Lighting and appliances can cause a home’s temperature to soar when in use. Try to avoid any heat-generating appliances unless they are essential. For instance, if you need to serve a family meal, avoid the kitchen and cook on a BBQ grill instead.

Decrease Your Home’s Humidity
Midday washing and drying of clothes will only add to your home’s humidity, so you should avoid it at all costs during peak temperatures. Also, aim to avoid cooking or showering in the middle of the day, unless necessary. If you do have to perform any of these actions, it’s advisable to turn on a ventilating fan to extract warm air. However, don’t leave the fan running or you may also extract cool air from the home, too.

Heat-Reflecting Film
Another inexpensive and effective option is to buy heat-reflecting film, which you should add to the windows facing direct sunlight. This will reduce glare, keep your home cooler and will prevent any harmful UV rays damaging your floor or furniture. However, it’s important to note that heat-reflecting film can reduce the level of natural light coming in through a window.

Release Hot Air from Your Attic
Did you know your attic could be storing hot air that will make a warm home feel even more uncomfortable? Release the hot air by installing a handy ridge vent or roof vent, which will create a cooler environment everyone can enjoy in the warmer seasons.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
  • One comment on “How to Cool a Room Without an AC”

    1. AFter living in Vegas for a few years I understand the need for AC, but now working and living in Huntington Beach our house doesn't even have AC - LOL - thank god for the beach breeze.

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