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How to Organize a Move to a New Apartment?

By RealtyBiz News | November 25, 2022

Moving to a new place is both joy and stress. It is always scary to forget something, lose something in the process, scratch furniture or break your favorite cup. Therefore, prepare for the move in advance, choose the best Manhattan movers and act strictly according to the instructions such as:

  • throw away what is unneeded;
  • get proper wrapping;
  • start packing in advance.

Continue reading to know more about these points.

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Get Rid of the Excess

Moving will help you look at things in a new way. As a rule, some of them will never come in handy again, so feel free to get rid of bags of clothes, children's broken toys, dishes from the top shelf from which no one eats, papers, and unnecessary documents. In a new place, these items will definitely seem superfluous. If you feel sorry for these things and excessive attachment, read our material about hoarding.

Do not hoard unnecessary items in anticipation of the moment when they are finally needed. Get rid of everything that gets in the way, right now.

It is better to start the analysis in advance, a couple of months before moving. So there will be time to slowly sell unnecessary and take clothes for recycling or to charitable foundations.

Decide What Furniture You Will Take with You

If you are moving into an apartment that is not fully furnished, then take only the necessary items with you: a table with chairs, a bed, and a temporary clothes rack. As the interior fills up, they can be easily sold and replaced. Put the rest of the bulky furniture up for sale - take a picture of it in advance so that later there are not a bunch of boxes in the frame. You can start selling in a month - if you want to sell faster, set the price much lower than the market price.

Stock up on Boxes and Bubble Wrap

Do not save on boxes: they should have a thick bottom, and ideally also handles. There are special boxes for moving because ordinary store ones are often not designed for such a weight - crystal and other utensils can push through the cardboard and fall out.

Start Training

It seems that three weeks is a lot and all things can be collected in a couple of days. But this is an illusion. Moreover, someone rarely takes a vacation to move. Therefore, devote a couple of hours after work to packing items.

Start packing in advance what you are not currently using: photo albums, books, out-of-season items, crystal tableware, and decor. Sort them into boxes and sign as detailed as possible: for example, “Books, children's”, “Decor, living room”, “Dishes, kitchen. Fragile.” It makes sense to use tape in different colors to highlight the boxes from different rooms. When moving, ask the movers to immediately deliver the goods to the desired areas.

Crystal and porcelain should not only be wrapped in bubble wrap but also should be laid void between the dishes. For fragile items, use horizontal low boxes and do not stack items in multiple rows.

Consider all pieces of advice that we gave and follow our recommendations for no-stress packing and moving.

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