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How to Sell Your Property on Social Media

By Mihaela Lica Butler | March 16, 2022

Selling your proprety on social media is not difficult if you already know how social media networks work. But first, you must know which social media networks work to sell a property.

For example, Twitter is good for promoting a listing and getting leads, and LinkedIn is for business-to-business deals.

Here's an example of a tweet for a house for sale.

And here is how someone would promote a home for sale on LinkedIn:

The above two examples show how you would promote property for sale on most social media networks. 

But, Facebook is different. It is, essentially, the best social media network to sell your proprety as it has tools designed specifically for real estate. But you will need a Facebook page or profile to get started.

There are two ways to sell a house or land on Facebook: the Marketplace and Facebook for Real Estate. Both routes will allow you to include all the details a buyer needs to make an informed decision. Still, while one is suitable for private individuals selling a home, the other is exclusively designed for realtors. 

how to sell your property on social media
You could create a listing for your property on Facebook Marketplace - a powerful platform to sell your house on social media.

Facebook Marketplace

You can sell virtually anything you want on the Facebook Marketplace. But for home sales, you can create listings with price, size, building details, property details, description, approximative location, and information to contact the seller. These are details you would use for a listing on a real estate website or Zillow, for example. Please find below a comparison between the same property listing on Facebook Marketplace and Zillow:

Property listed on Facebook Marketplace
An example of a property listed on social media platform Facebook Marketplace.
Zillow condo listing
The exact property listed above on Facebook Marketplace as listed on Zillow.

The same property has the same details on both Facebook Marketplace and Zillow, but the listing layout is different. Since I am a visual person, I like the large photos on Facebook Marketplace, but Zillow highlights what buyers want to know.

Facebook for Real Estate is designed for agents, brokers, and property management companies.

Facebook for Real Estate

Facebook for Real Estate is powerful for real estate professionals who have a large inventory of property for sale to reach customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Essentially, it is for agents, brokers, and property management companies and not for people with only one house for sale. In addition, it has tools for sophisticated marketing campaigns and dynamic ads optimized for the real estate inventory

Facebook real estate dynamic ads include rich information, like property address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood, etc. Therefore, the data is different than in a standard dynamic ad. In addition, real estate agents also get access to various creative templates. 

But setting up real estate dynamic ads requires developer skills and some design knowledge, besides online marketing and advertising know-how. 

As we established, Facebook is the only social media platform to list a house for sale, like on a real estate site. However, Twitter and LinkedIn could help promote the link to a listing accompanied by a few pictures to capture buyers' interest. In essence, you could achieve the same results if you know how to craft your message.

There is no "buy now" next to a listing on the Facebook Marketplace or a real estate site anyway. They are all tools for getting leads. The sale happens in person, involving pre-sale inspections, paperwork, seller closing costs, tax implications, a lawyer, and more. Still listing a property on more than one site will help you reach more customers and get more qualified leads.

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