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How to Start Planning a Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling can be an excellent way to turn the property you already own into the house of your dreams. For those with the right amount of space and budget, remodeling or renovation project can be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than selling your house and searching for your dream property from scratch. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not without its challenges. Even the simplest home renovation project can include a lot of different components you need to consider and plan. With that in mind, it’s important to have the right tools and resources in place before you dive in. Here’s how you can get started with your remodeling project.

Answer the Right Questions

Start by answering some important questions on your home renovation strategy. First and foremost, you may need to ask yourself how significant this remodeling strategy is going to be. Are you going to cover the whole house or just a few important rooms? If you’re dealing with a large renovation, will you be doing the changes all at once or one at a time? Generally, it’s easier to take the process step-by-step if you have more time, as this will ensure most of your house can still be lived in while you’re working. Another important question to ask is how you’re going to fund your new project.  You may be able to open up some extra cash by re-mortgaging your house or using the savings you’ve collected over the years. On the other hand, most people find it’s easiest to take out a personal loan for all the money they need, which they can pay back over time. 

Design a Remodeling Strategy

Once you’ve answered some important questions about how you’re going to approach your remodeling strategy, and how you’re going to pay for it, you can begin to plan out each step of your path towards success. Your project plan should outline the goals of your renovation, as well as any outlines of work that needs to be completed along the way. A good renovation plan will usually include a list of wants and needs for your project. You’ll also need to divide steps in the project into DIY tasks and things you’ll need to hire a professional for. In some cases, depending on your skill level and the scope of your project hiring a remodeling contractor might need to be a part of your plans as well. Inspiration, blueprints, and sketches of your finished project can be useful too. 

Do Your Research

Finally, before you dive into any major decisions, do as much research as you can. Find out which remodeling strategies are going to bring the most value into your house right now, and what kinds of trends you need to be aware of. You may also need to investigate local planning permits and zoning regulations based on the changes you’re planning on making. Don’t forget to research the people you might want to work with too. Having a list of potential handymen, electrical contractors, plumbers, and other experts who you can call on to assist with the tasks you can’t complete yourself will save you a lot of time when you first jump into your new project. Finally, you may contact local dumpster rental companies and ask for their rates so you can compare them.

Jamie Richardson

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.

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