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Impress your house-hunting customers with these top tips

When it comes to selling and managing property, holding onto your clients with a wide portfolio of properties alone isn’t enough. If you are thinking that "it's time to sell my house," impressing your clients with the right approach will ensure they turn to you, not just for their current housing needs, but for their property requirements in the future.

Impress your house-hunting customers with these top tips.

Fully personalised interactions

No one wants to be treated like a customer number. And when you’re approaching one of the biggest moments of your life, such as buying a property, you should be treated with respect and feel valued! By investing in CRM software from Sage.com you can ensure that every interaction, every IM, email, text or phone call is fully personalised. This will enable you to impress your clients with your knowledge of their needs and any previous interactions they may have had with your company.

CRM software can instantly improve your customer services, gathering and centralising client data, preferences, history and information in one accessible database. Meeting with a client? Pull up their client history to instantly impress them and build a better level of trust.

Relevant marketing

When you know a client well, you understand their needs and their personal preferences. Whether they’re a couple looking for their first rental together, or you have an individual looking for the right plot of land to build their dream home, being able to specifically market your clients needs to them will certainly give you the edge. Again, CRM software can help you here, ensuring you’re pitching your latest properties or purchase opportunities to the right people, and not wasting their time.

Moving quickly

Taking a long time to respond to emails, failing to pick up the phone and forgetting about that property query you received are all red flags for your house-hunting customers. Finding the right property is exciting and if they’re under pressure to find a new home, then they’ll want you to be as keen as they are. Keeping on top of your administrative duties is easier with a CRM system - not only will you find it easier to organise all your appointments, schedules and customer data, but many duties are fully automated, giving you more time to reach out to clients directly and impressing them with your enthusiasm.

Always keep your appointments

Timing issues are common amongst estate agents, you think you’ve set aside enough time for a client to view a property, yet they have so many questions and queries, your other appointments are going to be affected. Do your best to ensure that every appointment is kept within the correct time window. Encourage clients to send you a list of questions beforehand to streamline the meeting, and if you’re going to be late or reschedule, let the other party know! Your honesty and high levels of communication will always impress your clientele.

And finally, listen

You might be desperate to close a sale or get a new tenant in a property, however, it’s important that you listen to the information your clients are giving to you. Whether it’s their budget constraints, commute times or if they’re planning to raise a family and want to know more about local schools, gathering as much information as possible by listening to your clients can help you find them the best property, and when you share this information with your CRM, you may have the opportunity to upsell to them later.

Jamie Richardson

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