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Keeping Kids Safe with AI Powered Home Security

By Allison Halliday | October 21, 2017

Most people are interested in AI-powered home security to keep their family safe and an article in highlights how home security powered by artificial intelligence is smarter than ever before. Despite this, concern still remains over whether it is possible to entirely trust a robot with something as important as your kid’s well-being.

One major issue is privacy but apparently, the very best AI-powered home security systems have safeguards and features to ensure safety and privacy while still being able to integrate with other devices in a smart home. Although these home security systems aren’t sentiment just yet, they are beginning to use basic artificial intelligence which includes machine learning to adjust for schedules and habits and which can detect unusual noises or events. Some will even use facial recognition when tracking visitors to your property.

The article talks about how artificial intelligence can take some of the uncertainty out of using a home security system, turning it on automatically based on your schedule. This is obviously useful as it means you cannot forget to arm it while other smart features can distinguish between pets and other events that are possibly a real threat. If something serious such as a break-in does occur, using artificial intelligence can help to protect you and your family. The article points out several features that you should be looking for in your quest for the perfect home security system.

One is a good quality HD camera and while some security systems use a camera to identify threats, at the very least it can provide footage of any possible attempts to break into your home. It’s also been shown that just having a security camera can dissuade many intruders from even trying to get in. At other times these cameras can be useful for checking up on pets or kids while you are away from home. Some systems are even smart enough to close off the camera when you walk through the front door, ensuring your privacy isn’t invaded.

Audio sensors and recordings can be useful during an emergency and some are sensitive enough to detect breaking glass. Facial recognition can be useful for tracking when your kids come home from school and ensuring no strangers are inside the house. Privacy settings and encryption help keep your personal information safe and some systems automatically get rid of the information every 30 days.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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