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Leader’s Edge Training, which has helped more than 50,000 real estate professionals over the last three decades, is now offering its Agent Success App to all brokerages and agents for free.

“As the impact of the coronavirus spreads, we wanted to do something to bolster the industry,” said Chris Leader, founder of Leader’s Edge Training. “We realize that as agents are forced to work remotely and they’re isolated from their colleagues and managers, it becomes harder to keep a consistent workflow. Because the Agent Success App is an accountability tool, it has huge value today. And rather than only making it available to our clients, we want to give everyone the opportunity to use it at no cost.”

The Agent Success App works like a fitness app for an agent’s real estate business. It takes their income goal and turns it into activity targets for the year, month, and day. Agents keep track of their key business activities – prospecting, appointments, contracts, and sales – and the app shows them their progress. 

“It’s really about focusing on the fundamental activities and reminding agents that they need to keep filling their pipeline, no matter what else is going on,” said Tina Leader, Leader’s Edge Training’s Chief Operating Officer, who spearheaded the app’s development. “We really believe agents have to treat real estate like a business, and that ethos is baked into the app.”

Click here for more information about the Agent Success App or download it on the App Store or Google Play. 

Leader’s Edge Training has a well-established online presence with its Virtual Training program that consists of more than 16 hours of video tutorials covering 14 different aspects of the real estate industry. The company has a staff of 15 trainers and coaches.

“When we created our online learning platform 10 years ago, we did it as a resource for smaller brokerages who weren’t able to host outside trainers to do on-site work,” Leader said. “Because the online pieces, which are delivered in shorter segments, have the same content as our 6-week on-site training, we found that many of our clients often used the videos as a refresher. Now, because of the pandemic, so many brokerages and individual agents have adjusted and are taking advantage of our online platform.”

About Leader’s Edge TrainingLeader’s Edge Training was founded by Chris Leader in 2008. Leader has more than 30 years of experience as a real estate trainer after a successful career as an agent and broker. The company, based in Barrie, Ontario, has provided real estate training to thousands of agents, managers and industry leaders. For more information, visit leadersedgetraining.com.

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