Leveraging Behemoths by AdRoll: What’s Your Best Conversion Fantasy?

AdRoll has just come out with comparative research that shows Facebook Exchange (FBX) as the biggest deal in online advertising for 2012. Experts and world leaders in the field of retargeted advertising, AdRoll has shown explosive growth similar to that of FBX. Perhaps it takes a phenomenon to know a phenomenon?

Praise for AdRoll aside, FBX mimics an “on demand” ad channel when all is said and done. The infographic from AdRoll below, illustrates this and other variables. Most importantly, as a major FBX player AdRoll’s findings on retargeting interwoven with FBX, end in a hyper conversion of sorts – maximized ROI in the end. Note: for those unfamiliar with how retargeted advertising works, AdRoll defines here.

AdRoll and FBX

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better to simply capture the buyer as they are searching for homes?

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