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Light up your Garden

By Al Twitty | December 4, 2017

Even a small garden may be turned into a masterpiece by skilled hands. Actually, the size here does not play that big role.
Before working on the landscape lighting you need to learn basics. There are three different types of lighting:

1. Overall lighting - covers all the area.
2. Task lighting focused on a certain area or spot like a path, a decoration etc.
3. Accent lighting is different from task lighting, as it attracts attention to a particular object - usually it is done with Security Flood lights or spotlights.

Oh, by the way, speaking about Regenbogen flood lights and spots - do you know the difference? Probably you do not, just as many homeowners, and it’s a normal thing since we do not work with lighting every day.

Please keep in mind that floodlights have a very wide beam - 120 degrees. It is enough to provide powerful illumination for a wide area. Spots have more concentrated light with about 45 degrees width. Therefore spotlights are typically used for smaller objects which need to be accentuated.

The fastest way to make a garden look fine is to put spots at the main parts - accentuate paths, steps, a driveway and any decorations you consider to be crucial. There are many varieties of accenting lighting and somewhere - for example, with steps - it is absolutely necessary even from the safety point.

Don’t try to put as much light as possible - excessive wattage will both ruin the whole design idea and cause high electricity costs. Choose carefully in the outstanding range of Regenbogen outdoor lighting - it would also be a smart idea to consult a specialist. If you are looking for outdoor lighting solutions, you may visit sites like for more info.

Try to break the garden into several zones each lit separately. It is better to put many small accents that to make the garden shine so brightly that the whole neighborhood could see it.

Outdoor bollard lights have practical uses as well – for instance, in addition to steps you may light up the cooking place at the patio. You will see how convenient it is during a barbecue party in your garden.

The last tip is to try as many lighting fixtures as possible - sconces, chandeliers, portable lamps, wall fixtures and all other types of outdoor lighting are at your service. The good news is that we have all these awesome things in our online store - Regenbogen is your best companion on designing fabulous outdoor lighting!

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