Mitt Romney’s Summer Home – the Sequel

The controversy over the size of Mitt Romney’s proposed extension to his summer home is still rumbling on. Regular readers may remember an article a week or so back commenting on this subject, but now Movoto has released a new tool allowing you to Romneysize your home.

Image courtesy EN2008

Guaranteed to make the average homeowner feel inadequate, it allows you to see how many of your homes could fit inside his house. The average sized American home is 1,700 square feet, and it would take 6.5 of them to fill Romney’s mansion. However, many people live in far smaller spaces. For instance, the average size of a large mobile home in the US is just over 1,000 square feet, and Romney’s house will swallow ten of these.

Even this is enormous when compared to other parts of the world. The average three bedroom new build house in the UK is just 947 square feet. Romney’s house will be eleven times this size.  Hong Kong is one of the most heavily populated cities in the world, with an average apartment size of just 600 square feet often accommodating many family members. Mitt Romney’s house will be a whopping eighteen times this size.  Looking on the bright side, small is beautiful when it comes to heating and cleaning.

Want to Romneysize your home? Check out this fun infographic below!

Mit Romney Infographic

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  1. Hi Allison. Thanks for posting (again!) We got a lot of feedback, and it was fun hearing from everyone on how many of their homes would fit inside!

    I can fit 6 of mine in there!


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