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No commutes lead to different housing priorities

The best thing about remote work is that we no longer have to deal with stressful commutes to and from the office, according to a new survey of 8,500 workers carried out by FlexJobs, which provides remote working resources.

Traffic jams are far less common

The survey authors say that the stress of commuting to and from work was a big deal for around 20% of respondents, who faced traveling for up to three hours each day. Another 37% said they faced a daily commute of one to two hours, the survey found.

Those commutes have now largely disappeared as numerous office workers find themselves being forced to stay at home, away from their desks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, more homeowners are reevaluating their priorities when it comes to what makes an ideal home, as proximity to their workplace has less importance than before. Indeed, some whose employers have given them a free rein to work remotely forever now have the luxury of relocating to a more affordable or more livable area, possibly thousands of miles away from their work headquarters.

Higher priorities now include finding a home with enough space for a home office, and making sure everyone in the family has their own space.

Not having to commute was the number one benefit cited by respondents to FlexJobs’ survey, coming in ahead of an improved work-life balance. Workers say they want flexible work options to stick around after the pandemic as well.

Another 27% of survey respondents say that remote work has prompted them to consider moving.

“As more companies decide to extend remote work opportunities in the coming months, and as more people realize they’re not tied down to their locale for their jobs, the residential real estate market is likely to continue its shift,” FlexJobs said.

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