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Packing it In: 6 Essential Moving Tips to Keep Your Things Safe

It can happen to the best of us: we are unpacking after a move only to find our favorite picture frame or mirror shattered beyond belief. Maybe the movers were not careful, or maybe it was not packed away as well as it could have been. In any case, here are some tips to ensure your next move goes smoothly and you don't find any surprises while unpacking.

Wrap It Up

Bubble wrap and newspaper are your friends when it comes to packing away your valuables. According to the bloggers at Modern Movers, Inc., going the extra mile and wrapping your valuables in bubble wrap is worth the initial extra expense. By using these tools to surround and bundle your glassware and other breakables, you are cushioning the blow if there happens to be any unfortunate accidents.

Use the Proper Tools

Old boxes are not the best way to get your good china from your old home to your new one. Use new boxes and a good packing tape to ensure that everything is safe and sound come moving day. You can even utilize plastic bins as well, provided they have lids that fit securely.

Label Them Well

If you are hiring movers to help with your next relocation, labeling fragile items well is necessary. Of course, everything should be handled with care, but an extra label may just mean the difference between a shattered laptop screen or broken receiver and the safe arrival of your valuable electronics.

Ask for Help

Getting that glass dining room table from the car to the house might not seem like an issue now, but after a few hours of back and forth with some heavy boxes, you might want to consider asking a friend to lend a hand. Your pride isn’t worth a broken table or a hurt back.

Don't Rush to Unpack

While most accidents happen coming from point A to point B, unpacking can also cause some casualties. Be extra cautious with kitchenware and any electronics, you will be glad that you did later.

Create an "Open First" Box of Necessities

You are less likely to break something while rooting around for it after a move if you have all the essentials right at your disposal. Packing a special box that includes everything you need for a comfortable night could prevent a disaster stemming from exhaustion and poor judgement.

While you cannot predict every setback, simply taking the time to be careful and mindful of your surroundings will help keep your precious cargo safe. Follow these tips to ensure your moving day is as smooth as possible.


About the author: Marlena Stoddard is a contributing writer for Realty Biz News, on behalf of Modern Movers, Inc.

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