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“New” concrete and teak furniture to dominate outdoor living trends in 2016

Zillow Digs, the home improvement and design inspiration hub operated by Zillow, has published its top outdoor living trends for 2016 and the three biggest fads to ditch from 2015.

Things to consider when buying oak furniture

Oak has been a popular choice among the hardwood available for making furniture. The wood from Oak is used for making a variety of furniture pieces including beds, bookshelves, sofas and more.

Furniture eCommerce Leader MicroD Expands Still Further

MicroD is not one of those company brands that we think of as a household name, but the Hickory, NC firm probably should be. If teaching an entire industry how to show off their product lines digitally were something every homeowner was keen on, the four person startup from 1993 might be as famous as the brands they represent. Ethan Allen, Broyhill, Basset, Lexington, you know, all those charming pieces of furniture art about your house – MicroD started providing web-based solutions for them back when.

How Furniture Companies Can Benefit UK Landlords

Furnishing a property isn’t only time consuming and difficult, it can also be incredibly expensive. The likelihood is that you’re a businessperson first and foremost, not an interior designer. Making crucial decisions like what position a sofa faces or what colour paint on the walls would make the room more spacious are pretty low on your list of priorities, especially if you are dealing with multiple properties.

Are U-Haul Trucks Affordable With Rising Home and Gas Prices?

Americans are constantly on the move, and using U-Haul trucks is still one of the most popular ways people choose to get their stuff from one place to another. According to one study, each year, approximately 9.8 percent of Americans move to a new home.  But with gas prices skyrocketing and the cost of living continuing to increase,

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How to Eliminate Some Stress While Unpacking From a Long Move

Alongside having a baby and getting married, moving and buying a home are among the most stressful experiences we face but ultimately enjoy. Even if you’re excited to have finally found your dream home, it doesn’t make the process any less harrowing. First, you have to find your home, which can be extra challenging in

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Dar Al Arkan Partners With Top Designers for Luxury Living Spaces

Saudi property development company Dar Al Arkan is growing its presence in eight countries after earning a reputation for creating opulent, comfortable living spaces. Currently, co-branding is one of the biggest trends in luxury living, which is why Dar Al Arkan is partnering with some of the most famous names in high fashion: Versace, Missoni,

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CubiCasa’s new app makes it easy for real estate agents to create highly accurate floor plans

Mobile floor plan scanning app provider CubiCasa is making its service available for free in the United States. CubiCasa is the creator of mobile capture technology that can be used without prior training by anyone with a smartphone. From a simple walk-through of a home, the technology produces a highly-precise floor plan sketch with the

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How to Keep a Spotless Home: Five Easy Steps

Having a clean home is one of the best ways to relieve stress. When you have a spotless household, you can keep a clearer mind because you’re no longer stressed about all the mess around you. However, it’s often difficult to keep everything in order, especially when you’re trying to juggle countless things at the

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The 3 Best Ways For Landlords To Increase Their Profits

The rental market heavily favors landlords these days which means that it is a great time to see some big profits. Many landlords are making great money and are looking to keep the tap flowing. Others are wondering why they are not seeing those same profits and can’t take advantage of the situation.  There is

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