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What To Know About Paint And Primer In One

By Kevin Vitali | December 19, 2020

You have probably come across a paint and primer in one product recently.  They seem to be everywhere and every paint manufacture seems to make  some paint and primer in one products available. 

Who wouldn't want to skip the priming process?

The one point to remember about the primer/paint combo not an end all be all product.  It may be suitable for some paint projects and not suitable for others.  Paint and primer in one is not a one size fits all.

There is probably no project around your house that has a such a big impact like a fresh coat of paint. 

A fresh, professional quality paint job in current colors enhances your homes value as well as creating a pleasant environment to live in.  Properly maintaining your home protects its value.  And, using the right product for the job is critical.

What Is Paint Primer?

The difference between paint primer and your top coat of finish paint is primer is all resin. 

The resin has excellent sealing and adhesion qualities.  The sole purpose of a paint primer is to offer a stable uniform base to then apply a finish coat.

Finish paint is a combination of resins and pigments.  The pigments give your topcoat its type of paint finish, matte, eggshell, glossy, etc.... provides durability, prevents scuffing, adds washability and offers hiding capabilities.

Your paint primer and finish paint has two distinct jobs.

When Is It Ok To Use Paint and Primer In One?

Paint and primer in one products has it use, but it is limited.  There are times you should use a separate primer for a specific task along with a separate top coat.

Consider using a paint and primer in one when:

  • Painting over a previously painted surface.  You are painting a previously painted wall with the same type of product (latex over latex) and the wall is in good shape.
  • There is not a drastic difference in color.  If the colors of the original paint job and the new paint job is similar there is no need to use a separate primer.
  • You are using a paint that is a paint and primer in one.

When Should You Use A Separate Primer?

Paint and primer in one does not suit every situation and you should use the appropriate primer for the following situations.

  • Previously unpainted surfaces.  You are painted a raw surface like unpainted trim, plaster or wallboard. These surfaces are highly porous and using a color foundation primer like Farrow and Ball primer will help seal the porous surface.
  • Walls that are dirty and stained.  There is previous stains from water or an excessively dirty walls that can't be cleaned.  Or, there is a finish coat that has been bled through like trim with knots in the wood. Use a high hiding stain blocker primer like Kilz 3 Interior|Exterior Primer.  Using a stain blocking primer will prevent those stains from bleeding through your top coat.
  • Walls that are retaining odors.  When you are tying to kill odors like pet smells or cigarette smoke.  Use a primer like Zinzer Odor Killing Primer.   Less glossy finish are porous and absorb.  Years of odors can linger in your old paint job.
  • The original base coat is darker than your topcoat.  You have taken the time to pick the right color for your paint project don't let a darker base alter the color.  Consider using a tintable primer like Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose All Purpose Primer and Sealer.
  • Base is other than latex.  If you are painting over oil base products like oil based paint, stain, varnish, etc... use a separate primer.
  • Painting a surface other than wood or wallboard.  If you are painting over surfaces other that  wall board or wood use a primer made specifically for the job.  In most cases a high boding primer like Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is the right product for the task. 

When in doubt talk to your local paint store and they will help you choose the right products.  Don't assume a paint and primer in one is the best product for every situation.

Like every project around your home there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and that includes choosing the right products and tools for the job. 

Not only does quality work around your  home will enhance and increase your homes value, a proper job upfront will save you time, money and aggravation down the road.

Other Real Estate Resources:

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What To Know About Paint And Primer In One is provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Realty.  Kevin Services Middleton MA as well as all the communities in Essex and Northern Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts.

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About Kevin: Kevin has been a full time agent for almost 18 years.Kevin works the Haverhill MA Real Estate market as well as Essexand Northern Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts.Kevin is a regular blogger who enjoys educating consumers about how to make the most of their next home purchase or sale.Kevin can be reached at 978-360-0422.
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