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Professional Moving 101 - Your Ultimate Guide

By Eric Jeanette | October 21, 2020

Shifting and moving are a part of life, and each one of us has to go through it now and then. It occurs for various purposes and means and comes with different reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because we want to change our residence. At other times, it is due to professional and strategic reasons. Either way, it is a necessary, worthwhile process with long-term effects. Even if we aren’t on the move, we see a friend or acquaintance doing it.

In other words, we see it happening everywhere. The truth is the wheel of life would stop moving if there were no change of atmosphere, but have you ever thought about what goes behind it all?

What happens while the dwellers of a house, entire families, or business are on the move? Indeed, such developments are exciting and deserve some more detail, but, what aspect of it requires specific attention?

The aspect of interest is how this process gets done professionally and smoothly? What are those things that experts take into consideration when planning such a gigantic task?

How do the teams of moving companies operate and function together to make it happen? The fact is that the shifting process may not materialize without several different departments working on it. 

Let’s move a step forward and go behind it all. After all, shifting to a new location should feel like an exhilarating and happy activity, and it should feel like so. Without any further ado, let’s get down to further details.

Time and resource-saving 

The first step to any significant arrangement is the saving of time and the available resources, and moving is no exception. The managers and all other staff sit together to determine the best ways to go ahead with the plans. They lay keen focus on resource-saving, which means how to use each staffer’s best of abilities.

It is the reason why we see professional moving companies fulfilling shifting differently. They take care of every single aspect to ensure the process with perfection, and it is rightly the essence of their consistent work. The better the planning, the smoother the shifting will be in all its phases.

Assistance and guidance 

Another primary step going on in the background is the assistance and help. The management in a somewhat professional company is aware of disseminating out the information. So, they make sure they convey the necessary instructions to especially the junior staff. And it is that there is rarely a chaotic situation at work.

Since every staffer is aware of their specific duties, they have no problem in fulfilling it. At the end of it all, every team member seems to be working in a uniform and coordinated way.

Paperwork is another aspect that we don’t see happening on the front. But at the back, a lot is going on regarding legal documentation. The fact is whatever you are moving has a relative effect, and many such items require a specific legal process. The legal process is also related to the permit of vehicles and transport.

The staffers know that they will have to pass through certain checkpoints and transits. So, they carry the required Overweight Permits with them. If you have chosen a professional company for the moving job, you’re fortunate. That’s because they know the protocols and SOPS if and when the authorities stop them.

Planning for safety 

Safety is something that every professional company deals with ahead of beginning with the task. Without good adherence to safety, no company could fulfill its objectives or honor its promises. So, at the back, the managers brainstorm ideas and develop ways to ensure the best safety. It all depends on the stuff you’re moving with you. Since house moving involves fragile items, they need care accordingly.

The management of your company uses special cartons and boxes to carry and unload the stuff. A competent staffer in the safety department knows how to pack the client’s belongings to keep it safe.

Assembling stuff 

A competent moving company’s job is never over immediately after the shifting. The staff then begins to unload the stuff and move it to the designated locations. At this point, they need to be very specific about the unloading instructions. The way they pick and carry the staff also matters a lot. One wrong move could undermine the entire exercise.

They do so despite knowing that there’s insurance active with every item. That’s because experts are aware of the value of a good reputation. Such work bears fruit as they get more referrals and clients moving forward.


The staff of a competent company won’t just unload and leave the location. Instead, they wait for your next instructions. Depending on your agreement with them, they will carry all the items to their guided place. If you're moving to Queens in New York City, contact a few Queens movers to compare their rates and services.

If there has been prior planning, then they have a map and chart to follow strictly. Doing so ensures a smooth and error-free shifting process. Thus, you would prefer to call competent staff for every moving process; they know how to do it.

Final review

Do you know why a senior manager visits the site of the shifting right after it gets done? Despite that, they know their staff will do everything smoothly; they still do a final review. It is because they know it is a stage to either satisfy a client fully. They keep their checklist handy to make sure they do everything according to the plan.


In today’s competitive world and fast-changing scenarios, nothing is as easy as it may sound. But any professional company can make their work look effortless and convenient. It is because they are aware of every step of the process. And they know the importance of smooth, flawless working. So, competent organizations put all of their emphasis on doing so. 

Nonetheless, it is suitable for a client or owner to remember the precautions every step of the way. So, if you’re planning to shift your stuff soon, make sure you select the right professional residential movers for the job. 

About the author – Eric Jeanette started as a Realtor in 1993 and eventually transitioned to lending. His companies Dream Home Financing and FHA Lenders provide mortgage information and education to consumers. They also provide those same consumers with a free lender match service through a network of lenders for conventional, FHA/government, subprime, self-employed and many other niche loan programs.
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