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Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate

By RealtyBiz News | November 18, 2022

Gaining sources of passive income is what lots of people are looking for. Without any doubt, purchasing real estate is one of the most reliable investment decisions. Just for reference, the real global state market is expected to show a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 4.8% between 2021 and 2030. It clearly evidences that the niche is highly promising and not saturated yet. 

Every family needs a place they may call home, and any business requires both office and production premises. Real property, in its wide variety of forms, is always in demand. But it’s crucial to know that investing in it requires a comparatively large initial capital. Not to mention that some knowledge and experience are also needed to get the most out of your investment and to avoid any legal issues. 

Your first experience with real estate investment will determine your mindset toward this opportunity. At all times, when you are unsure about what property to invest in and to complete the legal part of the deal, you have to partner with a real estate agency. A trustworthy intermediary between you and a seller may help you to enter the world of real property without fuss and avoidable expenditures and mistakes. Luxury Vienna is ready, willing, and able to assist you in purchasing the house of your dream. 

Key Pros and Cons

The cost of real estate tends to increase over time as long as the condition of the property leaves unchanged. If approached wisely, investment in reals estate is almost always a guaranteed increase in capital, along with the profit from leasing it. Although any financial decision does not come with a 100% risk-free guarantee, this one is probably the closest to such a definition.

Before you make up your mind regarding whether to invest in property or not, here are several convincing arguments:

  • It generates passive cash inflows.
  • It appreciates over time and grants an inflation hedge.
  • It provides unique tax benefits.
  • It is considered a low-risk investment. 

You also should be well aware of the limitations of this investment opportunity:

  • It requires high initial investments.
  • It requires maintenance and close control.
  • It is a long-term investment.

The good idea is to compare the pros and cons and make a conclusion about whether real estate is your investment type or not. 

Positive Aspects

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into each of the listed advantages of investing in real estate. Passive income is one of the major advantages that investors look for when buying a property. Leasing your real estate to businesses or families, depending on what property you actually own, generates a steady income. The beautiful thing about it is that you don’t spend much time on it, yet, you own all the extra money left after all bills have been paid. 

Another interesting benefit is that real estate constantly grows in its price. Usually, this growth rate outpaces annual inflation. It means that with real estate, you own assets that increase in their value over time, even with the amendment on inflation. Moreover, inflation pushes the cost of living higher. At the same time, the cost of ownership doesn’t change at all, under the condition you are subject to a fixed-rate mortgage or have the property completely paid off. 

The aspect that many completely neglect is the tax benefits that real estate owners may take advantage of. For one, self-employment tax is not imposed on rental income. Besides, some regions even offer tax benefits and tax deductions to real estate owners. As a result, you may find your long-term profit notably increased compared to what you were hoping for. 

After all, the real estate market is where substantial price fluctuations happen rarely. Except for regions in which geo-political events may cause rapid increases or decreases in prices, most property markets show a steady, bullish tendency. In case you feel the need to stay on the safe side, real estate is exactly the type of investment you are looking for. 

Negative Sides

Similarly, let’s review each of the drawbacks in greater detail. It may help to obtain a complete picture of what risks you have to deal with in the world of real estate investment. 

Real estate purchase requires a substantial initial investment. It’s a resource-intensive opportunity, and you definitely need more than bare finance to succeed with it. Real estate agencies, notaries, and construction companies are a few of the parties you will have to partner with. Reliable business relationships is what you may also have to invest in. 

Property ownership is not only about purchasing, selling, and counting the profit. If you go for it, you will have to deal with the renovation of your property and legal aspects, such as licenses and permits. You will also have to search for trustworthy customers willing to give your price. Finally, you’ll need to constantly check on the state of your property and deal with minor aspects such as utility services, internet infrastructure, and more.

At the end of the day, you should be well aware that real estate is rather a long-term investment. If you make simple calculations, you’ll discover that you need 7 to 15 years, on average, so the recurring income from leasing your property fully covers initial expenses. Real estate takes a lot of time, and that’s something you need to be fine with.


In essence, real estate investment comes with more pros than cons. In case specificities of such ownership click with you well, all that’s got left is to find a reliable real estate agent to help you deal with legal aspects. If the high initial investments are what seems to be an issue, you can always opt for crowdfunding, dividend stocks, and other ways to raise capital for your purchase. 

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