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Realty 101- Advice For The New Realtor

By Chris Porter | June 18, 2017

If you’re new to the realty business, then you’re probably a little nervous to pick up your first few clients and begin working. These nerves are normal and a healthy part of becoming a realtor. It’s important to take a deep breath and remember why you went into this career in the first place.

Being a realtor is a lifestyle choice. It’s for the fiercely independent and those with growth mindsets who want to live a certain lifestyle. You’re already on the right path by choosing this career, so here are a few tips on how you can make the most of it early on.

Attend Many Interviews

When you’re first starting off, don’t settle with the first job offer you receive unless it’s your dream job. Apply to a lot of places at once and take every interview. Once you interviewed with multiple places, hopefully you’ll receive a few offers and from there you can choose which firm suits you best.

Don’t forget that it’s okay to negotiate your salary as well. Having multiple job offers in your back pocket will help with this too. Negotiating your salary is an important step with every job offer so that you can be sure you’re being paid what you deserve.

Find a Mentor

Early on in your career you need someone to learn the ropes from. This is a formative time for you and it’s important to have positive influences around you to help develop your skill set. Find a well-respected realtor at your firm and see if you can job shadow them, or at least have them take you under their wing. This will allow you to gain advice that many don’t learn for years within the industry.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

As a realtor, you need a marketing strategy. Competition is fierce for realtor’s because people want as many clients as possible and you need to be ready to compete for them as well. Do some research into realty marketing tactics to enlist yourself so that you can set yourself apart.

Make sure to give yourself a marketing budget as well. Will you need to buy signs and if you do, how many signs do you need? Do you want your own website? Perhaps a billboard? These are all important questions to ask. In realty, it’s hard to make money without spending any.

Know What You’re Selling

Memorize the details of every piece of property that you sell. For instance, if one of your clients is a registered massage therapist in Toronto, then you need to know what retail spaces you have in your listing that will fit the needs of a massage therapist, versus say a clothing store. Once know your listings from heart, it’s much easier to build a list of places for this client to view.

Always Search for New Clients

Realty is a continual business and you’re never finished looking for new clients. Even if you feel that you have enough on your plate, you can always be in the market for picking up new clients. This will help you to avoid quiet periods where you only have a few clients, because you never know when a house may sell. In addition to this, by always looking for new clients you are able to keep your marketing skills sharp.

Create a Schedule

One thing that realtor’s often get caught doing is a lot of small tasks throughout the day that end up being inefficient and wasting time. In order to avoid this you should create a strict work schedule for yourself so you can stay focused on the most important tasks.

An effective method of schedule building is to block out sections of time to work on the most important tasks. This is also a great way to give yourself some extra free time in the day. Block out a two to three hour section of time at least once a day to focus on your biggest tasks for the day. Your productivity will sky rocket with this one simple thing.

Being a new realtor is an exciting time, but there are some pitfalls that are important to avoid when just beginning. Follow these tips in order to be as productive as possible and to grow your business.

"Chris Porteous has significant experience in the financial markets with stints at Goldman Sachs, UBS Securities and DBRS. At DBRS, Chris extensively covered the Mortgage Backed Securities market, Covered Bonds and regulatory changes involved in the real estate markets. Chris currently runs a personal Real Estate Investment Trust with over 15 properties located in South Florida."
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