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Recover lost files quickly and easily with EaseUS

By Mike Wheatley | December 22, 2016

These days, the vast majority of real estate professionals have become increasingly digital, keeping all of their contacts, sales leads, listings, files and photos stored safely in their computers. Technology helps real estate agents to boost their business in so many ways, so much so that many really couldn’t do their jobs without it.

But what happens when disaster strikes? Your hard disk breaks down or that vital USB just doesnt work any more? It’s a moment of panic for many, because they simply cannot do their jobs without accessing those files. So what’s to be done? Luckily, we recently stumbled across a very easy to use new data recovery software that can help to get us out of these tight spots.

That program is called the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and its free version offers data recovery of up to 2 GB, without costing you a single cent. What’s more, it’s so simple to perform a data recovery using this recovery software that even computer novices can retrieve their vital data with minimal effort.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to perform a fast scan or a more thorough, slower scan to recover any data that’s been lost.

Quick Scan  - Have you had problems recently? You have not formatted? You have deleted a file by accident? With the quick scan option, you can recover documents, photos, videos you've recently deleted. Recovery takes about ten minutes depending on the size of the deleted files.

Deep scan - This option is recommended if you’re looking to recover files from damaged devices, formatted drives, or for files you may have deleted or lost a long time ago. This mode of recovery minutely checks all sectors of your hard drive, recovering particles of files that still exist, and can in many cases retrieve them in full.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to recover almost all types of files available from a wide range of devices: documents, photos, video, audio, e-mail, compressed files, and so on. Not only that, you can also search for a single file or a certain file extension. This makes the recovery process much more efficient.

How to recover files with EaseUS:

Step 1:

Using EaseUS recovery software to recover files is as easy as ABC. Simple launch the program, and select the file extension you wish to recover, then click next.

Step 2:

Select the disk that you wish to scan for the lost data, then click on the button "Scan". EaseUS then performs a quick scan of the selected disk to find all the lost files. If you can’t remember which drive the file was in, you can quickly and easily scan all of the disks at once.

Step 3:

Once the scan has completed, EaseUS will list all of the recoverable files its found. From there, just select the ones you need to recover and click on the “retrieve” button to make them available again. Be sure to save the files to a different location so you don’t accidentally overwrite the originals.


For real estate agents, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a great alternative to the extremely costly professional data recovery services. In our tests, we were able to recover files that had been deleted several months ago, which we thought were lost forever. With its ease of use and speed, EaseUS is one of the top choices for those looking for an affordable data recovery solution. It only takes a few minutes to figure out how to use it, and what’s more, the company is currently offering an amazing Christmas holiday discount of up to 50% on its product, an offer that runs until January 23.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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