Property Investment Expert Rick Otton Shares Remote Investing Tips in Podcast

creative-real-estateIn his latest Creative Real Estate iTunes podcast, property investment strategist Rick Otton shares tips with property investors on saving time and money through remote marketing and investing. As property investors no longer need to see a property when buying or selling it, as advised by the Australian property investment strategist as Google maps along with other types of handy technology turn remote decision making into a reality.

“We’re in the business of solving problems for people, so we try and do what it takes to make that happen,” said Mr Otton in the podcast.

Rick Otton’s techniques can be quite a time saver and work effectively for long distance property transactions. Apart from technology which helps along, financial transactions are also quite easy to tackle, as the complexities of traditional bank mortgages do not apply. Instead, deposits are easily made and new buyers can move in a matter of days.

The podcast also includes a success story: Melbourne-based Sheree Becker has become a full time real estate entrepreneur after starting to employ Mr. Otton’s methods seven years ago.

According to Otton, the true beauty of his creative real estate strategies is the flexibility and versatility that property investors have in each situation.

“You just design ‘the piece of paper’ to fit all the different situations that come up,” Mr Otton said.

The free full podcast can he listened to on iTunes and it is available at .

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