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Simple Upgrades for Your New Home

By Guest Author | November 28, 2012

Buying a new home can be very exciting, and sometimes terrifying if you are a first time home buyer. There is a lot to look at when you walk through a home for sale, do you like the layout, is there any water damage, does the A/C and heat work, and is it enough room for you and your family.

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Something that people get caught up in when looking at a home are things like the paint, wall paper or carpet. These are things that can easily be changed after buying it. Small changes like this are easy to do, don't cost a lot, and can even raise the value of your home.

Adding a Personal Touch

Buying a house may mean that you might not have a lot of money afterwards for renovations, but you can easily add your own personal style by installing some new hardware. Adding some new knobs or pulls to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and drawers can help give your home that upscale look you want without having to tear down any walls. Adding a new sleek European bar pulls can change a kitchen from looking like the run of the mill kitchen to a contemporary, modern kitchen.

There are all different types of handles, pulls, or knobs so you can get almost any type of look you want. Installing new knobs and pulls isn't the only thing you can do. Installing some matching towel racks, toilet paper holder, or even a new door knob can create an entirely new look in your bathroom. In the kitchen, you can bring everything together by adding matching light fixtures. In other rooms, you can install new light fixtures, door knobs, or window treatments to create a brand new space. Adding window treatments on an empty wall gives the illusion that a room is bigger than it really is; you can get the same effect using mirrors. There are a lot of different hardware options for you to change your homes look no matter what your budget it.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Something else that can change the way a kitchen or a bathroom looks is the sink and counter. Sinks can be expensive depending on the type that you get. Think about the overall look that you want to achieve and then find a sink that will add or give character to your space. In the kitchen you may want a double sink that is deep, perfect for filling up pots with water, cleaning food, or cleaning dishes.

For your bathroom, you might want to get a shallower sink than in the kitchen. If you don't like the look of your counter tops, but can't afford to get new granite counter tops, you can get the spray-on granite to give you the look you want until you can afford to buy the real deal. Another way to change the kitchen or bathroom is by switching out the faucet. There are so many different types of faucets and faucet parts on the market now days; you can get almost any look you want that is also functional.

For chefs, or someone who is going for the look of a chef's kitchen, you can get a ProMaster kitchen faucet. It is an industrial and modern looking faucet that is great for serious cooks, but it does come with a price. Instead, you may choose to get a faucet like the Moen Touch Faucet or MotionSense. This also has a very sleek design, but costs a lot less. Of course, you can always mix and match different faucet parts to get the look you want, or to match it to the hardware you have installed.

Decorating Makes a Difference!

Plain white walls can sometimes be simple and elegant, but some people find them boring or just want a splash of color every now and then. Painting the walls of your home is a great way to add color, set the mood, and bring the entire room together. There are many ways that you can paint your walls, whether it is an accent wall or an entire room.

If you don't want to paint an entire wall, you can buy a stencil and paint just a small area. If you don't want a color to be over bearing in a space, you can paint just one wall as an accent, or even create an ombre effect on the accent wall or throughout the whole room. Keep in mind the look you are trying to achieve when you paint a room.

Painting isn't your only option, wallpaper has found its way back into interior design and can help pull your look together. Applying wallpaper can bring in new designs, shapes, and textures to the space. Something else you can do if you don't feel like painting or applying wall paper is adding a wall decal. This can add that extra touch to bring it all together. Of course, nothing says you can't add a wall decal to an already painted wall.

Don't Forget The Floor!

Something that people don't normally think about when they are designing their new room is the flooring. Adding in some new carpet can give a new feel to a space. There are tons of different types of carpet styles and colors for just about any space. Of course, a lot of people who move into a home that has carpet don't want to change it out with new carpet.

Instead they want to swap in out for brand new hardwood flooring. Many people who want to swap out their carpet for hardwood end up hiring someone to do it for them, but there are plenty of kits on the market that make it quick and easy to install new hardwood floors on your own, without having to hire someone. Putting in wood flooring not only looks good, but will also be good for resale. Prices for kits will vary depending on the type of wood. You can also respect the environment when you install your new flooring by opting to get bamboo or cork flooring.

Bamboo is a great option for eco-friendly homeowners since it grows back a lot faster than other types of wood used in flooring. Either way, manufacturers have made it easy for you to knock out this DIY project in just a day or two. Remember when you are adding in wood floor to stagger the seams. This will give it the professional look that you are going for. If you are planning on laying tile floor that has a pattern, be sure to plan out your pattern beforehand.

These are only a few options you have for upgrading your new home. Some people choose to add other upgrades like a tankless water heater or energy efficient appliances which can help lower your electric bills. If later you want to do some more extensive renovations, always think ahead and decide if the project is something you can do on your own or if you need a professional to come out.

Small upgrades can have drastic changes to a new home and can help you make it your own.

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