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The Only Social Media Branding Cheat Sheet Real Estate Agents Will Ever Need

Real estate agents have long recognized the power of social media as a branding tool. But successful branding is more than posting photos of your listings and maintaining a professional profile image.

There’s a secret formula of relevant content, target audience, and effective messaging that, when mixed correctly, can establish your real estate brand far better than any logo or catchy tagline.

While that magic formula may look different to every agency, this cheat sheet can help you avoid some of the mistakes that others had to learn the hard way. Keep it handy – this will be the only social media branding cheat sheet you will ever need.


Content is king in the realm of real estate. Granted, content represents the top dog for just about every other industry, but specifically for real estate professionals, content can go a long way in communicating your brand and not just your services.

But what should your content be about and where does it come from? These 6 hacks can answer that:


All that great content you share on your social channels is absolutely meaningless until someone sees it. These 5 tips can help you build a reputable audience that provides more than just an army of unengaged followers:


One common misconception about using social media in real estate is that most real estate agents believe in social media as a selling tool. It’s not, exactly.

If people know you are a real estate agency, they already know you are capable of selling a home or helping them buy one. Rather, social media is a stepping stone for clients to determine why they should choose your agency over another.

These 7 Do’s and Don’ts will help you ensure you’re emphasizing your brand over your capabilities:

When you make branding a priority, selling will naturally follow.

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