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Surterre Properties teams up with roOomy to virtually stage its listings

Home design outfit roOomy, which uses new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D video in its designs, is teaming up with luxury residential real estate brokerage Surterre Properties in order to create virtual tours of its new developments. Surterre’s agents can now customize their listings for different clients using roOomy’s tech, showing them how each space would look when it’s decorated to their tastes.

The idea is that clients can just turn up at an open house or even at one of Surterre’s offices and visualize the properties they like through a virtual, 3D mockup. In some cases clients will even be able to visualize new listings from the comfort of their own (current) homes, and they can even purchase items through the service for their new homes if they wish.

The service is flexible too, so clients can utilize roOomy’s iPad app to experience a mix of real-time, live views of interiors with newly designed renderings of virtual home furnishing products. Moreover, they can test multi-functional uses for rooms, including converting a bedroom into a walk-in closet or a sitting room, and trying out different layouts and furniture styles.

“Working with roOomy, moves us to the cutting edge of real estate services by allowing our clients to make more informed purchase decisions,” said Paula Ansara-Wilhelm of Surterre. “We are proud to offer our agents the tools necessary to uplevel our exclusive offerings and our clients the opportunity to expand their home buying experiences.”

“When buying a home, one of the biggest obstacles many consumers face is that they do not have the ability to visualize a space,” said Pieter Aarts, CEO and Co-Founder of roOomy. “We are pleased to partner with a real estate leader such as Surterre, empowering them to stage an increased number of properties more quickly, efficiently, and in multiple styles to better suit the needs of its customers and assist in boosting sales."

Surterre added that thanks to the partnership with roOomy it’s not only able to offer a unique service to its clients, but can also reduce the costs of physically staging a property. In addition, roOomy’s technology allows Surterre’s agents to “clean up” existing images of properties so as to present them as more airy, bright and appealing spaces.

So far, roOomy has already helped Surterre listings that have been on the market for 50+ days generate more tours and viewings by updating photos for listings and providing “buyer centric” imagery of the spaces.

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