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Top 10 Cities with Skyrocketing Rent

65% of American citizens aged under 35 rent properties. Apartment rentals are much more common nowadays, as many people can't afford…

9 months ago

Will Investors Let The "Digital Nomad" Boom Pass Them By?

The digital nomad trend got superheated by the pandemic. Now it's a race to see which real estate investors and…

2 years ago

Apartment Rentals are Evolving to High Levels

A recent analysis report issued by Morningstar Credit Ratings sheds insights about developments and trends in the multi-family (mostly apartments)…

5 years ago

Rents Continue to Spiral Upward – With New Twist

On December 7, 2016, RentRange released current single-family rental data that included a few surprises. While many of the traditional…

7 years ago

Renting in Retirement: Millions of Retired People Might Have to Do Just That

There are predictions around that suggest about a third of people who will reach retirement age around the year 2040,…

7 years ago