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3 common mistakes of first time buyers

Buyers who’re making their first home purchase often struggle with the same few parts of the transaction process that they’re…

4 years ago

Zillow: Blacks & Hispanics twice as likely to be refused a mortgage

White and Asian borrowers are more likely to be approved for a conventional loan than black or Hispanic borrowers, according…

6 years ago

The top 10 easiest cities to secure a mortgage in the U.S.

It’s not easy securing approval for a mortgage these days, especially if you’re one of the millions of Americans that…

6 years ago

HomeMe takes the stress out of renting by pre-approving applications

A new solution for pre-approving renters has just hit the app store. Called HomeMe, the app brings a unique approach…

7 years ago

Tips to get Approved for your Mortgage

With new mortgage rules and regulations in place, buyers may face more obstacles when applying for a mortgage.

9 years ago