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Demand for adjustable-rate mortgages hits 14-year high

Demand for mortgages is on the rise due to what analysts say is an increase in listings on the market…

1 year ago

Demand for adjustable rate mortgages doubles

Demand for adjustable-rate mortgages is soaring. The share of mortgage applications with ARMs more than doubled last week compared to…

1 year ago

As interest rates rise, adjustable-rate mortgages may appeal to more buyers

Although adjustable-rate mortgages are known to be riskier than their fixed-rate counterparts, some home buyers may want to consider them…

1 year ago

Don't worry about adjustable-rate mortgages, experts say

Housing analysts have raised concerns that borrowers are becoming increasingly reckless when taking out so-called adjustable-rate mortgages, similar to the…

5 years ago