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Atlanta real estate

Atlanta Real Estate: The Hottest Market in the Country

Atlanta, Georgia - a major metropolitan center in the center of the action - is one of the shining jewels…

5 months ago

As SFR Ownership Slips, Atlanta Innovates And Prepares For The Future

Walkable neighborhoods inside the city; new multi-family units replacing aging properties, adding more multi-family construction nearer to the inner city,…

9 years ago

Atlanta Metro Home Sales Down Drastically Year Over Year

While there are always some areas that do better than others across a large metro area like Atlanta, Georgia, the…

9 years ago

Attention Real Estate Industry Pros: Your Future Is In Jeopardy!

Real estate brokers, agents, home builders and lenders - we're talking to you!

9 years ago

Atlanta Housing Still Has Bargains - If You Know Where To Look

In spite of a widespread propaganda campaign designed to make the public believe that home prices are "soaring" due to…

9 years ago

Is The Sun Setting On Atlanta Home Prices Again?

Yes, they probably are. In fact, it's fair to say that the Atlanta metro housing market is a few months…

9 years ago

PointOne Holdings Purchases Lakefront Vista Apartments in Marietta, Georgia

PointOne Holdings is a real estate investment company based in Plantation, Florida and it recently announced the acquisition of Lakefront…

10 years ago

“They” Say – So it Must Be True, Right?

Where does the line between empirical research and hyperbole exist? “Research shows” or “Data Proves” are frequently the opening line…

10 years ago