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Watch out: Lumber prices are increasing again

New home buyers need to brace themselves for yet more price hikes, as lumber prices are on the rise again.…

1 year ago

Lumber price drop will save $40K per home, but buyers are unlikely to see it

Toll Brothers Chief Executive Doug Yearley has said the recent fall in lumber prices is helping builders realize some significant…

1 year ago

Prices of building materials have soared in the last year

Building material costs have jumped by almost 20% in the last 12 months, and by 135 in 2021 alone, according…

1 year ago

High lumber prices weigh on home builder confidence

Home builder sentiment has fallen to its lowest level since August 2020 due to rising construction costs pushing new home…

1 year ago

Builders have started auctioning new homes to the highest bidder

Home builders are fending off so many interested buyers that they have had to stop signing new sales contracts in…

2 years ago