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Buyers are choosing affordability and space over short commutes

Americans are increasingly showing a preference for affordability over shorter commute times, as the price of homes within easy reach…

2 years ago

Many remote workers would rather quit than return to the office

Survey finds that remote workers do not want to be forced to return to the workplace

2 years ago

INRIX ranks America's most congested cities

Commuting costs Americans both time and money. Indeed, in 2019 the average American spent 99 hours and lost $1,377 sitting…

3 years ago

As Americans face longer commute times, more are working from home

American consumers are spending more time traveling to work, with the average one-way commute time rising to just over 27…

3 years ago

Realtor.com adds commute time filter to its search listings

One of the most important factors when considering a home to buy is the time it takes to commute to…

4 years ago