Best Down Payment Assistance Programs for First Time Buyers

COVID-19 included, the biggest obstacle to home ownership remains the financing. For most, it’s saving the down payment. Especially if you haven’t owned a home before that builds equity to transfer as the down payment when you upgrade or move to another location (but that’s not a first time buyer). The Millennial Generation is having

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Saving for a down payment now takes an average of 7 years

For someone making the median income and putting

First Time Buyers Where Do You Want to Live?

First time buyers are often defined as people not having owned a home for at least two years. People that need to come up

Texas Builder Targets Market for Entry Level Homes

LGI Homes which is based in Houston is targeting first-time buyers. After the housing crisis, most builders began to focus on luxury homes in high-end neighborhoods.

What Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know

Since homeownership is a major commitment and investment, it’s important to have some basic knowledge of your finances, lending options, and housing choices before signing a contract

How a First Time Buyer Can Get The Brampton Real Estate They Need With Limited Stress

With all of the different options out there, finding the right houses for sale Brampton can be a lot harder than most first time buyers think.

Builders Less Interested in Starter Homes

Starter homes normally form the backbone of the housing industry, but nowadays such homes are becoming few and far between. An article in Builder Online shows that the median new home price at the beginning of this year was in excess of $280,000 which is much more than many people would consider to be the

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Are You Really Ready to Buy a Home?

Some people can feel under quite a lot of pressure to buy their first home and house hunting can be a great deal of fun. But an article in points out it’s important not to get too swept up into the moment and to end up making a decision that you might regret, and

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Using Your Leverage as a Homebuyer

Many Americans work tirelessly through life’s obstacles to obtain a piece of the real estate market. The reality is that buying a home is both exhilarating and exhausting, and the process presents a number of challenges that affect people from all walks of life and all socioeconomic classes.

Things a First-Time Buyer Should Know Before Buying a Home

For most first-time home buyers, buying a home means obtaining a mortgage. Applying for a mortgage can be a complicated process, so it pays to do some research before taking the plunge. Read on to learn 10 basic things you should know before buying a home.

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