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Great Recession

America For Rent: Citizens in Joint Tenancy

A story yesterday by CNBC's Diana Olick got my attention initially because of the title; "Home Buyers Are Back, but…

11 years ago

Is There a Real Dark Side of FDI in US Properties?

In case anyone out there ever wonders which man gains from another man's loss, investment news from the UK tells…

11 years ago

Bank of America - Settlements - Distance from Wrongdoing

Yesterday the biggest settlement of the ongoing financial crisis was hammered out between bankers and loan buyers such as Fannie…

11 years ago

A Look At The 2013 Housing Market

Certainly the housing market is one of the most watched of all economic indicators. Strong home sales trigger other economic…

11 years ago

The Economy, Monkey See, Monkey Do, and You

The stock market plummets over 500 points, mortgage fraud, worldwide economies on the brink of chaos, jobless rate stagnant, huge…

12 years ago

Unemployment Still Grips Atlanta Market - But Why?

An article I just read in the Atlanta Business Chronicle reveals once again the real key to the recovery of…

12 years ago