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Greater Vancouver property

Toronto Is Fast Becoming As Pricey As Vancouver

According to a recent article in CBC.ca, the Toronto real estate market is fast becoming as unaffordable as Vancouver. The…

6 years ago

Economist Predicts Vancouver, Toronto Price Corrections of 30%

An economist from Capital Economics is predicting that property prices in Vancouver and Toronto could fall by as much as…

7 years ago

Fitch Forecasts Price Correction for Canadian Housing Market

Fitch ratings agency believes price increases in the Canadian real estate market could be coming to an end. It has…

8 years ago

Canadian Property Sales Increase for Third Consecutive Month

Figures from the Canadian Real State Association show home sales throughout Canada increased in April for the third consecutive month.…

8 years ago

Average Canadian Prices Declined by 2% in July, Dragged down by Vancouver

The national average home price in Canada declined by 2% in July compared to July 2011, due to price falls…

10 years ago