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The Rising Cost of Home Ownership

Millions of homebuyers flooded the housing market in 2021. Low mortgage rates plus a low supply of homes across the…

1 year ago

June 2021 Signals Indicate Housing Market Easing

Buyer sentiment data shows that potential new homeowners are chilling out about purchasing in this seller's market.

2 years ago

Armed with savings from the pandemic, young adults eye homeownership

Zillow believes that most millennials and Gen Zers are enthusiastic about the idea of owning a home and that a…

2 years ago

Entry Level Housing at Crisis Point

We are well into a prolong entry level housing crisis. The U.S. housing inventory hit a historic low two years…

3 years ago

First Steps in becoming a Homeowner

Housing costs continue to rise, squeezing renters and homeowners alike, but owning real property is one of the most important…

3 years ago

Breaking Down the Hidden Costs of Owning a Home

When you purchase a home, the price tag on the house isn't the only number you'll have to face. What…

4 years ago

Women, millennials' home ownership dreams held back by student debt

A rising number of consumers say that student loan debt is delaying their ability to buy a home, with women…

4 years ago

The hidden costs of homeownership add up to $9K a year, study finds

Homeowners will pay around $9,390 per year on the hidden costs associated with homeownership, according to a new analysis by…

5 years ago